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Paris Fashion Week: The Guy Laroche Fashion Show

Guy Laroche Fashion Show Paris Fashion Week

Yesterday in Paris took place the Fashion Show of Guy Laroche. The show was at the Grand Palais, a wonderful Beaux-Arts building dating back from 1897 (oh Paris..).

All the elegantes of Paris were there to attend the show of the historic Parisian Fashion House.

The new Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection was.. stunning. Deep purple, very cool military dresses and some very sexy-shoking outfits which reminded me very much of the Fifty Shades of Grey world..

Here are the pictures of the event. If you want to check more detailed pictures of this collection or their current Spring/Summer 2013 collection, check it out here. Continue reading

Fashion Week – Meet The Crew!

Fashion Week The Crew Staff Photographer Blogger

One of the thing I love to do at Fashion Week is to observe how everyone styled up for the occasion.

But while we see many pictures of street style, I think we less rarely see pictures of the crew working over there, whether the camera men (or actually “women” as you can see from the pic above), journalists or photographers (hence the ones taking pictures of the street stylers.. not the street stylers themselves).

Some of these guys have a amazing style too, often more practical than the one of the fashion editors or bloggers. Have a look! Continue reading

Packing for Paris Fashion Week!

packing for Paris Fashion Week

A very quick post today cause I am on my way to Paris for the last Fashion Week of this season. I am going to be sad it is ending but on the other end, my liver really need a break (again, as I often tell you, I do not know how the other bloggers do! they are super-human beings). Continue reading

Milan Street Style: Italian Women and their Furs

Milan Street Style Italian Fur Milan Fashion Week

One of the thing I love to observe during Fashion Week is how guests dress up to honour the designers that they are going to see.

At the fashion show of Italian fur designer Simonetta Ravizza the other day, Italian women had all taken out with them their best furs – fake or real – to see her show.

Here were my favourite looks. Can you spot the fake ones from the real ones? Sometimes it is incredible similar..

What about you? Do you have any furry (fake or real) coat or accessories in your winter wardrobe?

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Why Models Look Better than Us (Among other Reasons)

Vivienne Westwood Backstage Fashion Show Catwalk London Fashion Week

Because, even backstage, when photographers take their pictures, they use this strange camera to reflect light, which I am sure does wonder to float the contour and highlight their already perfect face!

I am telling you, this summer, to take my picture, my boyfriend will need to use something like this.. or nothing! ;)

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Front-Row Style at Vivienne Westwood

Front Row Vivienne Westood Fashion Show London Red Label

Front Row style at Vivienne Westwood this year was hot. Really really hot.

PS: Ok these are not strictly speaking Front Row style only. These guys were from a bit every row in the room. Was just playing with words. By the way, on one of the pics, the shoes are not designer’s but actually come from Zara.. can you spot them? ;)
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Milan Fashion Week: The New Fall/Winter 2013/14 Fur Collections!

Simonetta Ravizza Fashion Show Milan Fashion Week Fur

Milan Fashion Week started yesterday and my first show over there was the fashion show of the famous Fur Designer Simonetta Ravizza.

Milan being, as you can imagine a bit the mecca of luxury fur, I was particularly happy to be able to attend this show and get to discover how does a true luxury fur collection look like (especially since I never dared to enter any luxe fur shop and all I know from it is cheap accessories or slightly outdated vintage models).

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My Very First Street Style Snaps!

Street Style Pictures London Fashion WeekSo.. I just came back from London where I travelled for the London Fashion Week. I had an amazing time discovering and talking to many new young designers who are both affordable and super original. I will be able to show you their collections and where to buy them very soon. I also had the experience of a life time attending the Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show as a guest from the Visa Infinite Team Continue reading

Fashion Weeks: the Invitations!

Hi ladies, I am in London for the Fashion Week and everything is so busy that I did not had time to prepare a post (really don’t know how the other bloggers manage..). In the meantime, and till I have time to prepare a post to show you properly how it is like to “do” the Fashion Week (mainly exhausting!), I thought it would be nice to re-publish a post I did on the fashion weeks.. invitations!

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New Hairstyle Trend: SeaPunk!

SeaPunk Hairstyle

Hi girls,

Fashion Weeks is starting in 2 days for me (I am not going to New York unfortunately yet this year but am going to – and this is a first for me! – each of LondonMilan and Paris.. wouou!) and I have not decided what to wear yet, i.e. I am going to be a fashion after-show parties outcast if I don’t find any genius look ideas very soon…

While I was working on my look, I discovered lots of super cool and fun pictures of the new look of 2013: the “Seapunk” LookContinue reading

The New Nude: Frenzy, from Chanel

Frenzy Chanel Nail Polish Nail Art Tutorial

This week, try out the new nude: Frenzy from Chanel!

In between taupe and grey, this new shade is indeed the new trendy nude shade to try out. The chicest “low nail” choice of the season to wear for a clean, sleek look with a sophisticated twist! Continue reading

Product Review: The High Definition Powder from Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever HD Powder

Today, my friend A.S. and I decided to try out a IT Beauty Product: the High Definition Powder from Make Up For Ever.

The High Definition Powder was created in 2008 to respond to the demand of make up artists who worked backstage on photo or film sets and needed to have a powder, completely invisible to the naked eye and the lenses of high definition cameras. Continue reading