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Beauty Boosting Supplements

wild nutrition skin nail hair supplement

My wedding is in exactly 2 months now so I decided to start a cure of vitamins for my skin, hair and nails as is often advised.

I decided to try Wild Nutrition, a brand I read a lot about recently – called them “supplements that are changing the face of vitamins”! Continue reading

Wonder Hands

cicalfate avene

Every since I got engaged, I have had this beautiful ring sitting on my fingers. While I could not be happier to wear it every day – and I still do look at it several times a day! – I realised that my hands were…  well not that glam.

I have had problems of dry hands and fingers for a little while and even got a few cracks this winter. I tried many hand creams, and while some have pleasant scents, they usually aren’t moisturizing enough for me. 

After finishing the tube of my last shea butter hand cream, I decided to try next the Cicalfate repairing hand cream from Avène.

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Eye Skin Care

lancome eye cream

When I noticed at the start of this year my first two fine lines around the eyes, I freaked out and decided that it was time to add specific eye care products to my skin-care routine.

After a bit of research, I decided to try 2 products from Lancôme: the Bi-Facil makeup remover (voted “Best Beauty Buy 2014” by InStyle and often described as the holy grail of eye makeup remover) and the Visionnaire Eye Corrector, an eye cream which claims to help fight 2 common eye problems, wrinkles and dark circles.

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Treatment of the Week: an Organic Seaweed Bath

Voya Seaweed Bath

Seaweed baths are a big tradition in Ireland which I meant to try for a while. So when I had a particularly bad week the other week, I decided that it was time to do just that: take 30 minutes out for myself and indulge in a deeply relaxing and detoxifying bath treatment.

I decided to try Voya, a company based on the wild Atlantic coast of Strandhill, Sligo in Ireland known to produce the finest organic seaweed Continue reading

High Tech Skincare: Hyaluronic Sheet Masks

Hydraluron Moisture Mask Indeed Laboratories

I always loved a good face mask and recently became crazy with sheet masks.

Sheet masks are these strange looking masks, typically in cotton or fiber sheets, which are pre-cut into the shape of your face and soaked in liquid formulas to treat the skin. Wearing them feels a bit like taking part in a horror movie (tough to wear if your boyfriend is around). Korean beauty girls love them. They are one of the most effective new ways to inject good ingredients into your skin. A great new thing. Continue reading

Spring Cleansing: The Best Cleansing Facial Oils!

best oil cleansing

With spring coming up, I was looking for a new natural and refreshing routine to wash off my face when I came across these cleansing oils. 

The thing that I love about oil cleansing is that it is one of the most efficient ways to deeply remove make up and impurities while infusing the skin with moisturing ingredients and vitamins.

The best part is the little massage you need to give to your skin in order to make oils work. I really feel that massaging my skin helps keep it toned and super clean.

If you never tried before, try it! Oil cleansing will rock your skin world!

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Raw Superfood Skincare


I recently discovered Body Deli, a new brand from LA which makes skin and body care products based on raw, organic superfood ingredients.

Formulated with powerful detoxifier ingredients like kale, spinach wheatgrass and sea vegetables, this detoxifying scrub is a powerful tool to help the body release toxins from the skin and lymphatic system and activate the body’s natural detoxification process.

The perfect recipe for a strong antioxidant and detoxifying treatment under the shower in the morning. Loving it!

green detox scrub body deli

Green Detox – Sprouted Mineral Greens Detoxifying Sea Salt Body Scrub,

£28 available on

3 Fab Lip Balms to Kiss Goodbye to Cracked Lips this Winter!

best lip balms

There is a ton of lip products out there in the market there but there’s nothing chicer in your handbag or more efficient than the market’s best lip balms.

Kiss chapped lips goodbye this winter with these 3 luxe treatments! Continue reading

Mountain Therapy

Pure Altitude

One of my favourite beauty brands in winter is Pure Altitude, the natural skincare line of Fermes de Marie, a five-star mountain spa located in the chic ski resort of Megeve in France.

Each product is formulated with mountain plants or minerals such as edelweiss, marjoran, pine, arnica or lemon balm and uses mountain water drawn from the Mont-Blanc.

Perfect to rejuvenate winter-damaged skin and to bring a little piece of mountain freshness into my bathroom!

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Bikini Ready? Try the new 30 Days Body Challenge!

diego dalla palma 30 days hd bodyfit

Bikini Day – 30 and you are like so not ready? Try the new 30 Days Body Challenge Program!

Diego dalla Palma created the ultimate beach body preparation treatment: an intensive, shock action program aimed to combat all body problems and get bikini ready in just 4 weeks. The kit contains 4 products, each tackling a different body problem (water retention, cellulite, localized fat and sagging skin), to be applied in 4 phases1 – Draining, 2 – Anti-Cellulite, 3 – Slimming, 4 – Firming. Check it out!

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Gift Idea for Moms To Be and New Moms: the Flowers & Pampering Sets from Debenhams!

debenhams flower and pampering gifts set pampering gift for new mum mum to be

Your friend just had her baby or announced that she is pregnant and you are wondering what to get her?

Debenhams Flowers teamed up with Sanctuary Spa to create very special packages to buy or send to new mums: flower bouquets.. which come with a gift box full of Sanctuary Spa pampering products specially designed for new mums!

The service also let you add a chocolate box or balloon to the delivery and another set comes with a scented candle.

Check them out on

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Summertime Glam at the Clarins Party!

Clarins Party Milan Sephora italia

The other week, my friend Silvia, from the great blog Shopills, invited me to a special “summertime glam” event she was hosting for Clarins at Sephora in Milan. The event was  open to all and I hope many of you went!

Together we discussed beach-friendly beauty tips while the expert team of Clarins got to show us what will be their hero products to look glamourous and sexy this summer. Have a look!

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Yoga Beauty: Yogi Wipes!

yoga face wipe yoga accessories

Do you love yoga but not what it does to your skin (the sweat, the dehydration and all these bacterias nested in your yoga mat)?

If not, then I have the perfect accessory for you this week: yoga wipes!

Yogi Wipe is a new and cool company from Los-Angeles which had the idea to create facial wipes specially for yogistas. The difference between them and other facial wipes? These ones have been speficially designed to calm and nourish our skin after yoga or gym workouts: aloe (to soothe and calm the skin), green tea extract (fights breakouts), cucumber extract (refreshing), hyaluronic acid (anti-ageing), spearmint (refreshing, cooling and decongesting) and lastly vitamins C, D and E (stuff skins always need). It can’t get better than this!

Check them out or order them online at

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Anti-Ageing Tips from… Beverly Hills!

Zo Skin Health Dr Obagi Product Review

The anti-ageing kits of Dr. Obagi, a famous dermatologist from Beverly Hills, are one of the biggest buzz in the anti-ageing industry..  so I naturally got very excited when I had the opportunity to discuss with their team in Milan (which included a medical surgeon!) and get to try out their products. Here is my product review!

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