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The Hotel of Justin Timberlake’s Wedding!


Morning everyone! Sorry I did not give much news last week but I was on holidays touring Puglia!

Puglia is one of my favourite areas in Italy. It is completely in the south. If you think of Italy as a boot, it is properly the heel of the boot! The whole area is truly a dream. So much that Condè Nast Traveler US elected last year Apulia as one of the world’s 20 most beautiful tourist destinations and was the only Italian entry… and that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel choose it to get married over there last year! Why? Cause Puglia has it all: in addition to  sumptuous beaches and villages (several of them classified as world heritage by the UNESCO), you can play golf, tennis, do some cycling or trekking through the olive fields or go explore the national parks around the beach coast. Puglia is really a dream. A dream holiday destination.

But enough said now. Place to the pictures of this incredible hotel where Justiiiiin got married. The hotel is called Borgo Egnazia. It is a five-star L hotel with stunning views of Roman ruins and the Mediterranean sea. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake booked the entire resort which includes 63 rooms, 28 villas with their own swimming pools, a cigar lounge, a reading room, obviously a gorgeous spa, olive tree or jasmine gardens, a beach club, a cooking school and many other things.. Needless to say, these guys have taste. ;)

Happy summer everyone!

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