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Beijing Modern Architect – By Night!

On the second night in Beijing, we took a night tour to visit a couple of Beijing‘s most impressive and most talked-about pieces of modern architecture these last years: the Bird’s Nest, the world famous Olympic Stadium (which let me remind you contains 100,000 seats..), the Water Cube, the Olympic Aquatics Center (which in daylight shines as a translucent blue cube but, at night, Continue reading

Street Food Market Atrocities in Beijing!

Evening girls! I am now back from my holidays in China and Japan.. and ready to show you some pictures of this quite fun and a-typical trip! To start with (and to keep along the theme of Halloween horrors going on right now..) I thought I’d start by showing you a few of the absolutely incredible things I saw when visiting a a street food market on my first night out in Beijing.. I mean you really have to see it to believe it.. So clearly, this post is only for the strong-hearted ones. If you are sure you want to look (and only if..), click on Continue Reading.. And don’t worry, the trip got more politically correct right after that first night ;)  Continue reading


Manicure du Jour: The Germany Collection by OPI!

I was looking for a cool new shade for my manicure this fall when I discovered the new “Germany Collection” from OPI. Inspired by one of the hottest new fashion metropolis and its street art, Berlin, the colours of this new collection are all very ‘avant-garde‘, very Berlin-style. Continue reading

Halloween Make Up

My Halloween Make up Transformation!

As promised, here are now pictures of.. my Halloween make up transformation! The fantastic team of Make Up For Ever created a make up which is, on one side, a beautiful 80s disco fushia makeup.. and on the other side.. an awful skeleton.. with a very bad mouth!! Watch these step-by-step pictures to follow the full transformation!
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Halloween Make Up

Halloween Make Ups by Make Up For Ever – II

As promised, here are a couple of more ideas for your Halloween make ups! These ones are full face make ups and are a tad more advanced than what I showed you last time but I know that you clever girls will totally manage to copy them if you want to reproduce them for you this year. If you have any question, just drop me a comment! Tomorrow.. I’ll show you mine! Continue reading

Halloween Make Up

Halloween Make Ups By Make Up For Ever – I

With Halloween approaching fast, I want to start to show you a few of the Halloween make up techniques which the Make Up For Ever team taught us the other time at Sephora. Today, let’s start with the easiest to do.. and to wear! ;) From fake blood to fake skin, here are a few fun and easy horrifying ideas for this year!

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Provence, France

On the Road in Provence!

The other day we took the car for a little road trip through Provence. We visited the “Pont du Gard“, an aqueduct bridge dating back from the Roman Empire which crosses the gorgeous Gardon River, Baux-en-Provence, one of the cutest Provencal village, perched on top of a hill, Daudet’s windmill.. the whole area is crazily beautiful!
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Halloween Make Up Techniques with Make Up For Ever!

Last week Make Up For Ever organised a workshop for Italian Beauty Bloggers (and I..) on how to create the perfect Halloween make up! As you may recall, Make Up For Ever is “the” brand which created body and stage make ups.. so imagine how creative and exceptional this workshop was..! Continue reading