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Sephora Press Day - Preview of the Fall / Winter 2012 Collections!

Sephora Press Day: Preview of the Fall / Winter Collections!

Last week, Sephora organised a Press Day to present all their new Fall / Winter Collections! It was very interesting to be able to discover these new collections a bit ahead of time… and let me tell you that there will be quite a few very exciting new products this fall indeed! Continue reading

Milan Menswear, Street Style - Vogue Italia

Milan Fashion Week – Street Style!

Ladies, having successfully passed my driving exam in France (well.. or ok at least the 1st part of it), I managed to get back to Milan just in time for one of my favourite event of the year: Milan Fashion Week… but but but.. not just any Fashion Week.. but “the one” for the Spring / Summer 2013 Menswear Collections (the ones which required drop dead gorgeous guys to invade my city and walked on catwalk in tiny shorts and tees)! Continue reading

Accademia del Lusso

Milan Fashion Schools: Accademia del Lusso

The other day I went to the Open Day of the Accademia del Lusso, a private school specialised in Fashion and Design, located right on the very fashionable via Montenapoleone (at number 5 to be exact). I have to say that I had a bit of a bad a priori.. their name sounded a bit pretentions to me.. but I decided to keep my mind open and visit all fashion schools of Milan equally to get a better opinion. Continue reading

Friday Joke

Ladies, sorry for the slight lack of communication this week but I am back home heavily concentrating on.. my driving exam (theoretical part next Monday)!! Have a little prayer for me if you can and in the meantime, here is the Friday Joke. Happy weekend everyone!

Headache, via Pinterest

Headache, via Pinterest

Max Factor 2000 Calories Mascara

Happy Bday to the 2000 Calorie Mascara!

The other day, at the Max Factor Make Up School, the Max Factor MUA team presented me their special… 2000 calorie mascara! I have to say that I got quite intrigued by this curious name…  but it is not till today, when my old Diorshow mascara died, that I decided to try this new one out! So.. what is this mascara all about?

Continue reading