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Jewellery for Future Mums!

pregnancy chime necklace

I was looking for a gift for my pregnant friend the other day when I came across these adorable necklaces for pregnant women!

The necklaces are silver pendants which, when they move on the belly of pregnant women, create a soft chime which babies hear and respond to starting from the 20th of pregnancy.

It is inspired by an old tradition in Mexico (where it is called “Mexican Bola”) and also in Indonesia where women wear this necklace during their pregnancy to stimulate their babies and start to create a link with them. New mums can also wear them as maternity necklace and use it to play with their babies during breast feeding or to make them sleep.

All the models are really pretty. Some have bright tassels, stars charms or mini pearls attached to it. You can choose the pearl you want (I personally loved the coral one!) or choose the actually birth stone of the baby.

For super chic new mums – have a look!

25eur / 20£ / 35$

bola chime pendant

Collection “Madam Pom Pom” – with tassels and stars

Mexican bola pregnancy necklace

The Liberty Collection

bola necklace

maternity necklace

The Mini Pearl Collection

pregnancy necklace

mexican bola chime necklace

And for the more classical models – I love the one which seems like a gorgeous Hermes necklace below!

mexican bola pregnancy necklace

mexican bola

mexican bola necklace


Jewellery I want for St Valentine..

Halcyons Days Bangle

When Emma Elwick-Bates, the super stylish shopping editor of British Vogue, came to speak at our school last year, I could not help but stare at the pile of Hermes enamel bangles she had on her wrist.

Everything that Hermes does is of course absolutely exquisite but I loved the way Emma styled them: she just wore like at least 5 or 6 of them at the same time. All the same. The simple ones. Just in different colours.

Of course not everyone can afford 5 Hermes bangles.. including me. So when I discovered that Halcyons Days was doing enamel bangles just as amazing as the Hermes ones but for 1/4 of the price.. I was in heaven.

So yes, this year, all I want for St Valentine is at least one bangle from Halcyons Days.. to hopefully start my own little collection too.

Have a look!

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Coco Chanel’s Pyjamas

Coco Chanel Pyjama

I have been obsessing lately over the perfect pyjamas (something symbolic of my level of activity this month..) when I fell across the “Coco” from Olivia von Halle.

I knew Olivia von Halle’s super chic pyjamas line (if you do not know her yet, have a look at her website – the ad campaigns are super nice) and could not resist falling in love when I saw this special model inspired by the one Coco Chanel used to borrow from her lover in the 1920s (and featured on Audrey Tautou in Coco Avant Chanel).

By the way: did you know that it was Coco Chanel who made this type of pyjamas available for women – before her, women were only wearing these sort of nightdresses which I hate because I like to wear something on my legs when lounging at home… One more reason to love her!

Happy weekend!

Coco Pyjama Set, £210

coco olivia von halle coco chanel pyjama



coco chanel pyjamas olivia von halle

coco chanel pyjamas olivia von halle

Chanel No 5 Perfume Clutch DIY Tutorial

chanel n5 clutch

What could be more on the Christmas wish list of a beauty blogger than the new Chanel No 5 perfume bottle clutch!

First spotted on the catwalk of the Chanel Cruise 13 collection, this bag is now available in store and its release is already creating some serious likes on Instagram. The hard part – for the lucky ones who are able to afford it – is to choose between the two available versions: clear or black? Luckily for the rest of us, Alana, the blogger behind Dreams Creates created a super easy DIY tutorial to create your own Chanel No 5 perfume clutch! Check it out!

DIY Chanel No 5 Perfume Bottle Clutch 

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New IT Accessory: Customised Vintage Rolex!

customised vintage rolexLooking for luxury men watches with a twist? Moda Operandis teamed up with CMT Fine Jewellery to create an exclusive collection of vintage rolex.. customised with colourful nato straps.

One of the most trending luxe men watches in the market!

Available at Moda Operandis.

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The Jenny Packham Fashion Show at the V&A

jenny packham

The other day, I went with some friends to attend a special catwalk show organised by the V&A to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Jenny Packham.

Trained at Saint Martins, Jenny Packham rapidly became one of the hottest designers for glamourous evening dresses and bridal wear. Her dresses featured in many movies like Sex and the City or the Devil wears Prada and Kate Middleton regularly wears her pieces to attend chic royal parties.

The show took place in the beautiful Raphael gallery of the V&A and was presenting a selection of her most elegant and iconic dresses, which included several dresses worn by Hollywood celebrities at red carpet events.

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Encounter with a Fashion Collector!

mr flyy campbell stretstyle london

 Meet the lovely stylist and designer Martell Campbell!

Martell works as a personal stylist at Harrods and describes his style as “young modern British gentleman“. He recently attended the Men SS14 London Collections, has been streetstyled by Vogue, frequently features on men fashion blogs and his collection of menswear accessories is so cool that John Lewis made a report on it!

Check out his blog here

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New Fashion Trend: Religious Chic!


With Pope Francis named “Man of the Year” by Vanity Fair Italia and D&G new religious-inspired collection, it’s time to introduce a bit of papal chic into our wardrobes!

Gammarelli, the historic Roman tailor which has been making all the outfits for the popes, cardinals and bishops of Rome since 1789, is now selling its iconic socks online to the general public!

Choose between the Cardinal Red (chicissimo with dark red colour of pants!), Bishop Purple or Priest Black.. and act feel like a saint!

Available worldwide online exclusively on

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Inside the Jewellery Collection of a Parisian Chic Girl!

jewellery collection parisian chicDeveloping the right jewellery collection requires skills. And no one is better at this than my friend MA, a notable Parisian chic girl.

Born and raised in the 16th arrondissement of Paris (the French upper east side!), she likes chic and elegant pieces. Over the years she managed to collect all the main pieces from luxe jewellers like the H and the Hapi bracelets from Hermes (quadruple wrap of course), the Trinity ring from Cartier, pearls from Tiffanys, cocktail earrings from Chanel or even a fabulous diamond parure for her city soirées. She choose the best out of each designer without mistake and that’s what I like.

Here is a glimpse into her fab collection.

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Bloggers at Work!

bloggers at work london fashion week

Ever wondered how bloggers look like while working on the set?

Well.. some of them have amazing, extravagant style, others (like me) have a more practical approach. The common point is: everyone is holding on to their precious camera (some of them can indeed cost a fortune and it did happen to one of my friends that someone from the street just snatched her camera from her hands after a fashion show in front of everyone!).

Anyway, enough bad stories. Here are a few pictures which I took of bloggers working around me during the last fashion weeks. Some of them are amazing. Check them out!

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The Day I met a Giant Birkin..

giant hermes birkin

I knew birkins came into giant (travel) sizes. I may have seen one in the press on Kim Kardashian or Victoria Beckham one day but I never actually saw one in the street (or well I mean around me).. till the other day in London, during Vivienne Westwood‘s fashion show at the Saatchi Gallery.

It was gigantic: 50x55cm! One of Vivienne Westwood’s climate change rep was wearing one while parading out there before and after the show. The bag was a used one. I guess Vivienne Westwood was trying to make the point that if you cherish your accessories or clothes, you should hang on to them and not replace them every season. Well.. point received: if I ever got the chance to put my hand on a Birkin (even in the smaller size), I would never ever stop loving it! ;)

In the meantime, how stylish it should feel to travel with a birkin..! Happy week everyone!

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New IT Bag: The Striped Falabella!

The Falabella striped cotton tote stella mccartney it bagNew (wonderful) It bag spotted on one of my friends (the great Silvia from Shoppillsthe other week in Milan: Stella Mccartney‘ Falabella tote… in a super cool new striped version!

My friend matched it with a striped skirt.. and I adored this little summer look!

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