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Friday Joke

Hello ladies, after Cannes, I am actually off to Berlin this weekend for a crazy hen night with friends! I don’t know if I will be able to blog from there.. let’s see. But in the meantime, here is the now famous Friday Joke! Except that this time, it is not that much a joke but rather…. a chart explaining you the coded languages of fans! I saw this the other day on the very great blog Chic and Geek of my friend Anne (and Paolo). Because as Anne said: forget your manicure and bags, this summer’s accessories is going to be.. fans! ;)

Duvelleroy: the Langage of Fans

Duvelleroy: the Langage of Fans

To read the whole article which Anne made on the amazing Duvelleroy fans, click here. Happy a nice weekend everyone!

Max Factor Glossfinity

Top Tips for your Manicure!

Forget your bags and shoes: nail polishes have become the trendy accessory to wear this season! To find your way through the hundreds of combinations of colours and techniques possible this summer, here is a little guide and a few very interesting tips which I learnt at the Max Factor Make Up School event the other day – and never heard before! Continue reading

"Liberation 45" Stockings, by CERVIN

Wear a Piece of History: The “Liberation 45” Stocking by CERVIN!

While browsing through fashion magazines the other day, I saw something which really caught my attention: CERVIN, the Luxury Stocking Company, re-edited the stockings which the soldiers of the Allied Forces presented to young French girls during the Liberation of France in 1944 and 1945!! Continue reading