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Raw Superfood Skincare


I recently discovered Body Deli, a new brand from LA which makes skin and body care products based on raw, organic superfood ingredients.

Formulated with powerful detoxifier ingredients like kale, spinach wheatgrass and sea vegetables, this detoxifying scrub is a powerful tool to help the body release toxins from the skin and lymphatic system and activate the body’s natural detoxification process.

The perfect recipe for a strong antioxidant and detoxifying treatment under the shower in the morning. Loving it!

green detox scrub body deli

Green Detox – Sprouted Mineral Greens Detoxifying Sea Salt Body Scrub,

£28 available on

New Winter Drink: Organic Matcha Powder and Apple Juice!

tea pigs organic matcha apple juiceI was at John Lewis the other day when I discovered a really cool new drink: green tea matcha powder mixed with apple juice.

I always wished I drunk matcha powder instead of normal green tea since it is so much better for your health (matcha tea leaves are grown under shade to increase its chlorophyll content and, since it is presented as a fine powder which dissolves in your tea, you actually get to drink it all its benefits as opposed to normal brewed leaves). I never liked it though because of its strong taste. But mixed with freshly squeeze or a good organic fresh apple juice, this is just heaven and I already feel that this mega antioxidant formula is making wonders on me. Just the perfect energy boost I needed these days!

tea pigs organic matcha apple juice

Jewellery I want for St Valentine..

Halcyons Days Bangle

When Emma Elwick-Bates, the super stylish shopping editor of British Vogue, came to speak at our school last year, I could not help but stare at the pile of Hermes enamel bangles she had on her wrist.

Everything that Hermes does is of course absolutely exquisite but I loved the way Emma styled them: she just wore like at least 5 or 6 of them at the same time. All the same. The simple ones. Just in different colours.

Of course not everyone can afford 5 Hermes bangles.. including me. So when I discovered that Halcyons Days was doing enamel bangles just as amazing as the Hermes ones but for 1/4 of the price.. I was in heaven.

So yes, this year, all I want for St Valentine is at least one bangle from Halcyons Days.. to hopefully start my own little collection too.

Have a look!

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New Moon Yoga Meditation

yoga full new moon gong bath

I recently discovered a new yoga class which I adore: the “Full Moon” and the “New Moon” classes at Triyoga.

The class takes place when it is either the full moon or instead the new moon and mixes yoga and meditation to make you reflect on the things which you just did and achieved the previous month (Full Moon Class) or instead on the new objectives you want to set for yourself for the new month ahead (New Moon Class).

I tried the New Moon class so far and it was really cool. The teacher explained that each month is a chance to experience a fresh start and set new intentions for things we would like to create. He invites you to draw energy and inspiration from the energy of the new moon and also explains that the goals  you want to set yourself for the new month can be general or instead match the traits of the sign that month.

I loved it!

Full or New Moon Gong Baths Classes, £20

How to Get Your Boyfriend To Propose

engagement ring ice cube

I was joking with my friend today about the fact that men – I mean our boyfriends – are just so slow to propose. My boyfriend proposed after 6 years of relationship (and only because I insisted a lot!) while her boyfriend still had not despite her dropping several, many hints. So when I saw this ice cube tray on internet tonight, I immediately thought about her and our discussion. Ladies: to anyone who hopes to get engaged this year, I recommend spending Saint Valentine at home. The appetizer? A martini served with a diamond ring ice cube.

The message could not be clearer.. right?