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New Fashion Trend: Religious Chic!


With Pope Francis named “Man of the Year” by Vanity Fair Italia and D&G new religious-inspired collection, it’s time to introduce a bit of papal chic into our wardrobes!

Gammarelli, the historic Roman tailor which has been making all the outfits for the popes, cardinals and bishops of Rome since 1789, is now selling its iconic socks online to the general public!

Choose between the Cardinal Red (chicissimo with dark red colour of pants!), Bishop Purple or Priest Black.. and act feel like a saint!

Available worldwide online exclusively on www.meschaussettesrouges.com

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Inside the Closet of a Hermes Connoisseur!

Hermes scarf

My friend Y. has one of the biggest private “collections” of Hermes scarves I know! When you question her about it, she humbly and wittily explains that it is because she had time to collect models over the years with each Christmas or birthday being a new opportunity to complement her collection! I love her answer and get her point: a scarf collection is something you develop over the years..  with passion and knowledge.

Today to celebrate this lovely late Spring time, I photographed a selection of her amazing scarves, all in the shades of mauve, one of my favourite colours to wear in late Spring when I want to start to show off my skin but that it is not too tanned yet. The colours of the scarves are incredible and the patterns transport you from India to the bottom of the sea.. Enjoy and happy Bank Holiday!

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Street Style: The Madame Look!

Madame LookA bit of a controversial “look of the week” this week with the… Madame look!

I saw this girl in Paris outside a show at Fashion Week.

Her outfit was one of the sexiest I ever saw in the street. For the first time, this was not the ‘sexy chic‘ I am used to see (in Italy for example) nor the ‘trashy sexy‘ that I sometimes see in California (Paris Hilton are you still there?). This was just a plain outrageous and provocative sexy ‘madame style‘.

And what stunned me was that she managed to do this by just playing with her legs (if you observe her shirt is buttoned till the top)… ahah.. you can tell that she sticked to the fashion rule of so many classy women: “show only one thing at a time and cover up the other entirely“!

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The “Chilly” Spring Shawl from Hermes!

Hermes Stole ShawlYesterday, to celebrate the arrival of Spring, I decided to mark the occasion in style.. and wore this giant shawl from Hermes!

Its name is “Piments” (“Chilly” in English). It is all in the green, brown and red hues. And it is giant indeed.. perfect to go out celebrate this first “chilly” day of Spring! ;)

What about you? Did you do anything special for the first day of Spring?

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How to Rock a Scarf : The Tie Knot!

How to Tie a Hermes Scarf The Bow TieSo I am now back home from what trendy people call “Fashion Month” (people do not say “Fashion Weeks” anymore but “Fashion Month” as yes, technically, it lasts about a month and it is chicer to show that you attended all of them and not just one of course..)

And as I promise you the other week when I showed you the special Carnival de Venise scarf from Hermes, here is a quick (and easy) new tutorial to show you how to rock your scarves (= how to tie them in a cool way).

This time with a Tie Knot. Here are the pictures. I did not put any comment as, hopefully, it is self explanatory (if you have any question, don’t hesitate to just leave a msg!). Continue reading

Packing for Paris Fashion Week!

packing for Paris Fashion Week

A very quick post today cause I am on my way to Paris for the last Fashion Week of this season. I am going to be sad it is ending but on the other end, my liver really need a break (again, as I often tell you, I do not know how the other bloggers do! they are super-human beings). Continue reading

Milan Street Style: Italian Women and their Furs

Milan Street Style Italian Fur Milan Fashion Week

One of the thing I love to observe during Fashion Week is how guests dress up to honour the designers that they are going to see.

At the fashion show of Italian fur designer Simonetta Ravizza the other day, Italian women had all taken out with them their best furs – fake or real – to see her show.

Here were my favourite looks. Can you spot the fake ones from the real ones? Sometimes it is incredible similar..

What about you? Do you have any furry (fake or real) coat or accessories in your winter wardrobe?

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Milan Fashion Week: The New Fall/Winter 2013/14 Fur Collections!

Simonetta Ravizza Fashion Show Milan Fashion Week Fur

Milan Fashion Week started yesterday and my first show over there was the fashion show of the famous Fur Designer Simonetta Ravizza.

Milan being, as you can imagine a bit the mecca of luxury fur, I was particularly happy to be able to attend this show and get to discover how does a true luxury fur collection look like (especially since I never dared to enter any luxe fur shop and all I know from it is cheap accessories or slightly outdated vintage models).

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New Hairstyle Trend: SeaPunk!

SeaPunk Hairstyle

Hi girls,

Fashion Weeks is starting in 2 days for me (I am not going to New York unfortunately yet this year but am going to – and this is a first for me! – each of LondonMilan and Paris.. wouou!) and I have not decided what to wear yet, i.e. I am going to be a fashion after-show parties outcast if I don’t find any genius look ideas very soon…

While I was working on my look, I discovered lots of super cool and fun pictures of the new look of 2013: the “Seapunk” LookContinue reading

What to Wear in February: The Carnival of Venice Scarf of Hermes!

Hermes Scarf Venise Carnaval

The Carnival of Venice just started and I know, me too, I wish I could be there to celebrate with the chic Venetians, sipping Bellini in costume d’époque and with a beautiful hat at the bar of the Daniele hotel. One day maybe (hopefully next year..).

In the meaning, I discovered that Hermes created a gorgeous scarf for those of us who feel like adding a Carnival touch to their outfits this February. The scarf tones are all in the winter seasonal hues of Continue reading

Van Cleef & Arpels, The Art of Haute Jewellery Exhibition in Paris

van cleef

When I was in Paris last time, I got invited to come visit the Van Cleef & Arpels exhibition at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs. The exhibition was one of the most prestigious exhibitions to visit this winter in Paris (along with the Dior curated exhibition about Fashion in the Impressionist Paiting at the Musee D’Orsay). Continue reading

Chanel Hangers and Garment Bags: from Rue Cambon.. to my Wardrobe! ;)

Chanel hangers

One day for Christmas, I had an idea a bit crazy to ask Mother Christmas (in my family it is “Mother” Christmas more than “Father” Christmas dealing with the Christmas gifts..) for hangers. Except not normal hangers.. Chanel hangers! I had been looking for some for quite time on eBay (I love eBay for all these crazy things which you would not even know where to buy in normal circumstances) and one day, after several weeks of seeing only cheap fake Chinese copies or real ones at 1500$ (true), I found someone selling a whole set of hangers plus garment bags from a fashion show at a reasonable price. Continue reading

New Kids on the Block: COTE!

COTEGood evening ladies! How are you? Have you started to follow the Haute Couture Shows in Paris this week? If so, what do you think? I personally got very excited over many pieces, accessories or make up details already, let alone the news of Galliano coming back.. (oh my..). But anyway, full report on these Haute Couture Shows (and the just as interesting Street Style Looks) very soon on the blog don’t worry!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you the name of Continue reading