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Red Carpet Soles, "Red Collector" Model, Leather

Which Insoles are you wearing tonight? Get your own Luxury Red Carpet Insoles with a 5% discount

A bit like Marilyn who loved to discover new places where to wear diamonds, me, with my non-Hollywood-VIP-Budget, I just simply love to discover new Fashion Accessories (just any sort of..). Hence, I had a mini-heart attack when I discovered the Red Carpet Company on the blog of my friend SylvieContinue reading

Spring/Summer Collection @ the Stephanel Store, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan

Fashion Bloggers Event @ the Stefanel Store, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Hi there again ladies! I am now back from France where I attended a faaabulous wedding (which hopefully I am going to show you pics of very soon!) and was just on time to attend a Fashion Bloggers Event at the Stefanel Store in Milan.. their big fabulous store right in the middle of the very chic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II! Continue reading

Louis Vuitton Trunk

Louis Vuitton Legendary Trunks

The Louis Vuitton Trunk is one of the most iconic luxury travel accessories in the world. In a book entitled  “100 legendary trunks”, Louis Vuitton unveiled amazing images from its archives, showing the history of its trunks, which have been designed to hold everything from camp beds to birthday cake! Continue reading

Hotel Costes, Paris

Hotel Costes, Paris

For all the fashionistas who do not want to miss a thing when in Paris, I recommend paying a visit to the lounge bar (or to the restaurant – preferably lunch time!) of the sumptuous Hotel Costes, one of Paris’ most glamorous hotel and an all times celebrities favourite (Claudia Schiffer and co were indeed spotted there.. among many others). Continue reading