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Nail Rehab

nail rehab

Do you find your nails are looking rubbish lately? If you have been constantly wearing nail polish this winter, it is time to think about a nail rehab. A few days sans verni will do the trick but if you feel you need an extra boost, cut your nails as short as they will go and start this 5-steps recovery program. Continue reading

Trend of the Week: Art Deco Manicure!

Great Gabsy Manicure

This week, fashion experts and lovers are on alert: “The Great Gatsby” is set to be released on cinemas worldwide featuring Leonardo.. and costumes designed by Miuccia Prada!

To celebrate the occasion, here is a selection of the 5 best Art Deco manicures ideas from Pinterest!

For those of you who are not ready to start wearing swingy pearl necklaces or fringed flapper dresses at work nor to start to bring extendable cigarette holders at their cigarette break.. ;) but still want to nab that little Daisy Buchanan look this week!

Have fun!

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Manicure (and Bijoux) du Jour: Vendetta from Chanel!

Manicure Nail Art Tutorial Bijoux French Designer

One of the shades I love on my nails in winter is a deep dark purple!

It looks great on white skin ;) and is the perfect shade to lighten up big black coats / pullover.

Vendetta from Chanel Les Vernis is a great one. The shade is actually quite dark, so depending on whether you like it darker or more purpley, you can apply only one or the usual two layers.

I am wearing it this week with my new bracelet “Folk” from Caroline Najman, a French jewelry designer I am having a crush on.

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The New Nude: Frenzy, from Chanel

Frenzy Chanel Nail Polish Nail Art Tutorial

This week, try out the new nude: Frenzy from Chanel!

In between taupe and grey, this new shade is indeed the new trendy nude shade to try out. The chicest “low nail” choice of the season to wear for a clean, sleek look with a sophisticated twist! Continue reading

Manicure du Jour: Pearly Pink!

Pearly Pink GlossFinity Max Factor

First manicure of the year: Pearly Pink from Max Factor!

A subtle and classy fine shimmer with pearly reflects. My favorite nail polish for this time of the year after all the xmas and new year’s eve extravaganza. It reminded me a bit of the topcoat Première Neige that Yves Saint Lauren is currently doing (but yeah yeah is way cheaper).

You can apply it alone (as I did on these pictures) for a chic and subdued look or use it on top of other colours to add a touch of holo onto any of your existing nail polishes! It comes wonderfully on navy and black too.

Pearly Pink GlossFinity Max Factor

Pearly Pink GlossFinity Max Factor

And you… which colour did you decided to start the year with? A classic pink? A trendy grey? An couture deep purple? Let me know!

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Manicure du Jour: The Germany Collection by OPI!

I was looking for a cool new shade for my manicure this fall when I discovered the new “Germany Collection” from OPI. Inspired by one of the hottest new fashion metropolis and its street art, Berlin, the colours of this new collection are all very ‘avant-garde‘, very Berlin-style. Continue reading