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Coco Chanel’s Pyjamas

Coco Chanel Pyjama

I have been obsessing lately over the perfect pyjamas (something symbolic of my level of activity this month..) when I fell across the “Coco” from Olivia von Halle.

I knew Olivia von Halle’s super chic pyjamas line (if you do not know her yet, have a look at her website – the ad campaigns are super nice) and could not resist falling in love when I saw this special model inspired by the one Coco Chanel used to borrow from her lover in the 1920s (and featured on Audrey Tautou in Coco Avant Chanel).

By the way: did you know that it was Coco Chanel who made this type of pyjamas available for women – before her, women were only wearing these sort of nightdresses which I hate because I like to wear something on my legs when lounging at home… One more reason to love her!

Happy weekend!

Coco Pyjama Set, £210

coco olivia von halle coco chanel pyjama



coco chanel pyjamas olivia von halle

coco chanel pyjamas olivia von halle

Encounter with a Fashion Collector!

mr flyy campbell stretstyle london

 Meet the lovely stylist and designer Martell Campbell!

Martell works as a personal stylist at Harrods and describes his style as “young modern British gentleman“. He recently attended the Men SS14 London Collections, has been streetstyled by Vogue, frequently features on men fashion blogs and his collection of menswear accessories is so cool that John Lewis made a report on it!

Check out his blog here

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Bloggers at Work!

bloggers at work london fashion week

Ever wondered how bloggers look like while working on the set?

Well.. some of them have amazing, extravagant style, others (like me) have a more practical approach. The common point is: everyone is holding on to their precious camera (some of them can indeed cost a fortune and it did happen to one of my friends that someone from the street just snatched her camera from her hands after a fashion show in front of everyone!).

Anyway, enough bad stories. Here are a few pictures which I took of bloggers working around me during the last fashion weeks. Some of them are amazing. Check them out!

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Milan Street Style!

streetstyle picture street style trendIn Vogue Italia this month, the My Vogue Citizen Journalism article is explorating the following theme:  Be Stupid: What If A Little Silliness Is All We Need ?

I could not agree more. Being a little silly sometimes is all we need to create something new, something different, something others do not do, in fashion terms, your own style.

To go along this theme, I wanted to share with you the picture of a very cool girl I met at the Tru Trussardi party the other month in Milan.

She was wearing these big funny plastic glasses. She bought them in China directly (so chic to be able to say this..) but what was so funny about them is that she took out the glasses so the glasses were actually empty. It made me laugh. It was funny and original.. and for me, this definitely made her one of the most stylish person that night!

A very trending weekend to all of you!

PS: Going to Cannes tonight!! So stay tuned for style reports straight from the croisette!

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Street Style: The Madame Look!

Madame LookA bit of a controversial “look of the week” this week with the… Madame look!

I saw this girl in Paris outside a show at Fashion Week.

Her outfit was one of the sexiest I ever saw in the street. For the first time, this was not the ‘sexy chic‘ I am used to see (in Italy for example) nor the ‘trashy sexy‘ that I sometimes see in California (Paris Hilton are you still there?). This was just a plain outrageous and provocative sexy ‘madame style‘.

And what stunned me was that she managed to do this by just playing with her legs (if you observe her shirt is buttoned till the top)… ahah.. you can tell that she sticked to the fashion rule of so many classy women: “show only one thing at a time and cover up the other entirely“!

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Salone del Mobile: Designers Look.. from Georgia!

salone del mobile designers look streetstyleAnother of my favourite designer street style looks spotted during Milan Design Week, the one of Lakutatekaddze, a very cool designer from.. Georgia!

She was exhibiting her designs at the Salone Satellite, the area reserved to young upcoming designers of the Salone del Mobile. Continue reading

Salone del Mobile: Designers Look.. from Japan!

Salone del Mobile Satellite Designer Look Street Style

More street style from the young and trendy designers who came to the Salone del Mobile in Milan this week!

This girl was exhibiting in the “Salone Satellite”, the section of the Salone del Mobile reserved for upcoming young designers. She comes from Japan.. and I adored her style from head to toes!

Salone del Mobile Satellite Designer Look Street Style

Salone del Mobile: Designers Looks!

salone del mobile street style designer look

Selection of street style looks (..or party style should I say!) spotted during Design Week in Milan this week!

PS: The amazing shawl of the girl above (cashmere please!) comes from her (German) friend, Antonia Zander. Check out here website here!

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Street Style – London

Street Style LondonI met this girl during London Fashion Week at the Fashion Scout, a place showcasing catwalks of young designers during London Fashion Week (more on this later).

We were queing together, waiting for the show of Timur Kim, a talented young designer who already made a capsule collection for Pringles of Scotland (more on him later too..).

I fell in love with her look. The glasses (obviously), the little fur collar, the bold print.. and even the shade of lipstick she chose to go with it. I bet she was seeing la vie en rose this day.. Continue reading