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New IT Bag: The Striped Falabella!

The Falabella striped cotton tote stella mccartney it bagNew (wonderful) It bag spotted on one of my friends (the great Silvia from Shoppillsthe other week in Milan: Stella Mccartney‘ Falabella tote… in a super cool new striped version!

My friend matched it with a striped skirt.. and I adored this little summer look!

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Beauty Event: Come meet John Masters Organics at the Rinascente Tomorrow!

john masters organics

Ever felt like switching to organic beauty products but not sure what this is really all about or whether you will actually like the products?

John Masters Organicsone the most important (and luxurious!) organic beauty line in the world, is organising a special presentation day at the Rinascente in Milan tomorrow!

The whole team (say hi to them from me!) will be there to:

  • Present you their haircare line: all 100% organic, without silicone, alcohol, etc. Really interesting stuff – and sometimes shocking truth! – to learn about organic beauty products v normal beauty products you will see! 
  • Give people a complete diagnosis of their hair. This might be the chance to discover some particularities about your hair which you did not know about before..?
  • Get a free monodose of a product (haircare or actually even bodycare if you prefer), best suited for you! My favourites? The Lavender Rosemary Shampoo and the Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash.. their flavours are absolutely marvelous you will see! ;)

Go check them out! 

Friday 31st May 2013 @ the Area Lab (ground floor), Rinascente, Milan. 

john masters organics rinascente milan

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Cannes Adventures!

cannes film festival palais des festivalsI now had a moment to upload the pictures of my trip to the Cannes Film Festival last weekend.

The weekend was wonderful, not too too hot true but no rain, blue sky, turquoise water. I spotted amazing street styles on the stylish croisette, attended a few cool beach parties and.. I even walked up the famous red carpet over there!

Wouou.. this is my first time doing this so pardon my excitement. I thought I’d share with you a few snaps I took while on this carpet and inside the Palais des Festivals to show you how it looks like. xx

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Ready for Summer? Check out this Beauty Kit from Benefit

benefit cosmetics primping with the star review

I just came back from Cannes where I had a lovely time dancing at the very cool Villa Schweppes and realised one of my ultimate life’s dream: walking up the red carpet! Full report on this to follow very soon. But today, I want to share with you details about a product that really saved my little bum over there: the “Primping with the StarBeauty Kit from Benefit.

What is so cool about this product is that it is a “Beauty Kit”: a kit of all the basic products you need for a (gorgeous) make up... in travelling sizeWhen you travel, you can either take the book or just the products inside. Inside are all the very cool and fun best sellers of Benefit.

A must-have to travel light and in style this summer!

(or if you don’t know Benefit products yet and want to try them in travelling/sample size..)

Check it out below!

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How to walk the Red Carpet in Cannes!

how to walk the red carpet in cannes film festival

Little wouou: I am in Cannes for the Film Festival and manage to get a ticket for tonight’s show! This means.. I will be walking up the red carpet!!

I just called some of my friends who already did it and apparently it is no big deal. Every one can do it, it is just like going to the cinema, blablabla.. I don’t care… I am very happy and excited to see what’s going on once inside.

Photo diary of how I got my ticket. In case you feel like trying too! ;) x

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Milan Street Style!

streetstyle picture street style trendIn Vogue Italia this month, the My Vogue Citizen Journalism article is explorating the following theme:  Be Stupid: What If A Little Silliness Is All We Need ?

I could not agree more. Being a little silly sometimes is all we need to create something new, something different, something others do not do, in fashion terms, your own style.

To go along this theme, I wanted to share with you the picture of a very cool girl I met at the Tru Trussardi party the other month in Milan.

She was wearing these big funny plastic glasses. She bought them in China directly (so chic to be able to say this..) but what was so funny about them is that she took out the glasses so the glasses were actually empty. It made me laugh. It was funny and original.. and for me, this definitely made her one of the most stylish person that night!

A very trending weekend to all of you!

PS: Going to Cannes tonight!! So stay tuned for style reports straight from the croisette!

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Make Up Tutorial: Special Red Carpet (Part II)

make up for ever make up tutorial red carpet evening make up

Today is Part II of the Make Up Tutorial Special ” Red Carpet ” which Make Up For Ever organised for beauty bloggers in Milan the other month… and I am delighted to share with you this time the behind-the-scene of the preparation of my own make up for the event!

Make Up For Ever’s team created an amazingly pretty make up for me. I had this dark, retro lips with shining golden eyes. The Fekkai hairstylist complemented it by created a sort of wavy chignon.. very cute. Champagne helping, I totally felt like Daisy Buchanan!

Check it out!

PS: I will be going to Cannes this weekend to shoot my favourite Riviera street style looks over there. So make sure to follow up the blog! Continue reading

Yoga Beauty: Yogi Wipes!

yoga face wipe yoga accessories

Do you love yoga but not what it does to your skin (the sweat, the dehydration and all these bacterias nested in your yoga mat)?

If not, then I have the perfect accessory for you this week: yoga wipes!

Yogi Wipe is a new and cool company from Los-Angeles which had the idea to create facial wipes specially for yogistas. The difference between them and other facial wipes? These ones have been speficially designed to calm and nourish our skin after yoga or gym workouts: aloe (to soothe and calm the skin), green tea extract (fights breakouts), cucumber extract (refreshing), hyaluronic acid (anti-ageing), spearmint (refreshing, cooling and decongesting) and lastly vitamins C, D and E (stuff skins always need). It can’t get better than this!

Check them out or order them online at

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Make Up Tutorial: Special Red Carpet

make up for ever red carpet make up tutorial

As promised, today is the first of the series of make up tutorials which I had the chance to follow at the Make Up School of Make Up For Ever in Milan.

The theme was “Red Carpet” make ups.

This first make up is also the most impressive one. They made it on Alice, the beauty blogger of AlicelikeAudrey. It was a good choice cause she has really big, beautiful eyes for it. It reminded me a bit of the silver smokey eyes which Chanel did for their last catwalk and the result on Alice was really fabulous.

If you ever dreamt of diamond eyes, check it out!

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Special Cannes: Red Carpet Make Up Tutorials!

red carpet make up tutorial make up for ever

To celebrate the beginning of the Cannes Movie Festival, I will be showing you several make up tutorials this week (and next) on how to achieve the perfect Red Carpet make up!

Each of the make ups have been created by Make Up For Ever when we initially had a special beauty bloggers event for Oscar night. The event took place in the big Sephora store of Corso Vittorio Emmanuele in Milan and was actually recorded.. for Sephora’s new Italian YouTube channel, BeauTV! All top Milanase beauty bloggers were there. Plus me ;)

Follow this link to watch the episode:

SEPHORA BeauTV – “Red Carpet Look” by MAKE UP FOR EVER

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My Interview for Work Your Style!

img_3262This week, Glenda, my super cool and stylish friend from London interviewed me on her Fashion Blog!

Glenda is one of these cool London girls you wish you’d be. Young, funny, sexy with a kick-ass job and an ultra-glam style at all time.

Her blog, Work Your Style, focuses on “real” style advice: practical style advices that come from “normal persons” who actually have to go to work 5 days out of 7 (for a job which is not an editorial position in a fashion magazine or a not freelance graphic design role..) and thus can not afford to go there with a total SeaPunk or Front Row look.. A refreshing point of view in the world of blogging nowadays!

Check out my interview on her blog on Work Your Style! (PS: I am not sure I gave the right answers.. but shhh!)


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Trend of the Week: Art Deco Manicure!

Great Gabsy Manicure

This week, fashion experts and lovers are on alert: “The Great Gatsby” is set to be released on cinemas worldwide featuring Leonardo.. and costumes designed by Miuccia Prada!

To celebrate the occasion, here is a selection of the 5 best Art Deco manicures ideas from Pinterest!

For those of you who are not ready to start wearing swingy pearl necklaces or fringed flapper dresses at work nor to start to bring extendable cigarette holders at their cigarette break.. ;) but still want to nab that little Daisy Buchanan look this week!

Have fun!

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Inside the Closet of a Hermes Connoisseur!

Hermes scarf

My friend Y. has one of the biggest private “collections” of Hermes scarves I know! When you question her about it, she humbly and wittily explains that it is because she had time to collect models over the years with each Christmas or birthday being a new opportunity to complement her collection! I love her answer and get her point: a scarf collection is something you develop over the years..  with passion and knowledge.

Today to celebrate this lovely late Spring time, I photographed a selection of her amazing scarves, all in the shades of mauve, one of my favourite colours to wear in late Spring when I want to start to show off my skin but that it is not too tanned yet. The colours of the scarves are incredible and the patterns transport you from India to the bottom of the sea.. Enjoy and happy Bank Holiday!

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The Hotel of Justin Timberlake’s Wedding!


Morning everyone! Sorry I did not give much news last week but I was on holidays touring Puglia!

Puglia is one of my favourite areas in Italy. It is completely in the south. If you think of Italy as a boot, it is properly the heel of the boot! The whole area is truly a dream. So much that Condè Nast Traveler US elected last year Apulia as one of the world’s 20 most beautiful tourist destinations and was the only Italian entry… and that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel choose it to get married over there last year! Why? Cause Puglia has it all: in addition to  sumptuous beaches and villages (several of them classified as world heritage by the UNESCO), you can play golf, tennis, do some cycling or trekking through the olive fields or go explore the national parks around the beach coast. Puglia is really a dream. A dream holiday destination.

But enough said now. Place to the pictures of this incredible hotel where Justiiiiin got married. The hotel is called Borgo Egnazia. It is a five-star L hotel with stunning views of Roman ruins and the Mediterranean sea. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake booked the entire resort which includes 63 rooms, 28 villas with their own swimming pools, a cigar lounge, a reading room, obviously a gorgeous spa, olive tree or jasmine gardens, a beach club, a cooking school and many other things.. Needless to say, these guys have taste. ;)

Happy summer everyone!

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