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Wedding Fragrance: The “Nuptial Bouquet” by Atkinsons

atkinson nuptial bouquetI recently got engaged and could not wait to try out the new fragrance created last year by Atkinsons, the historic English fragrance house.

Originally founded in 1799, Atkinsons was the personal perfumer of the royal family and you can see this in the royal purple theme and coat of arms decorating their bottles.

The composition of the Nuptial Bouquet is based on the flowers that Queen Victoria carried in her wedding bouquet: violet (traditional in a wedding bouquet), lily of the valley (which I like very much), myrtle and white sandalwood. The scent is extremely feminine, youthful and crisp  –  very springtime.

It doesn’t have to be just a wedding scent but is really for anyone who loves their perfume light, floral and fresh and wants to remind themselves the story of this royal romance and the young Victoria, madly in love with her dear Albert!

Nuptial Bouquet, Atkinsons, 100ml, £95

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Spring Essentials: My Kitch Hair Ties!

my kitch hair ties

I was about to go to Boots to buy a stock of my regular boring hair ties when I discovered a really interesting new brand :

My Kitsch is a US brand making cool hair ties. The brand is all about music festival, summer fun, peace and love. Exactly the sort of vibe I need right now.

Plus the hair ties are so adorable that people wear them as bracelet too!

Have a look.

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Home Spring Home

spring home decorationThe weather’s been so lovely in London these last days that I felt like taking a break from beauty posts and share with you these really nice pictures from One Kings Lane.

One Kings Lane is my favourite interior design shop. Everything they sell is chic and joyful and they always give a lot of great decorations tips and ideas. For spring this month, they have a special “Spring Refresh” interior decoration serie. Have a look!

Happy Spring!

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High Tech Skincare: Hyaluronic Sheet Masks

Hydraluron Moisture Mask Indeed Laboratories

I always loved a good face mask and recently became crazy with sheet masks.

Sheet masks are these strange looking masks, typically in cotton or fiber sheets, which are pre-cut into the shape of your face and soaked in liquid formulas to treat the skin. Wearing them feels a bit like taking part in a horror movie (tough to wear if your boyfriend is around). Korean beauty girls love them. They are one of the most effective new ways to inject good ingredients into your skin. A great new thing. Continue reading

Spring Cleansing: The Best Cleansing Facial Oils!

best oil cleansing

With spring coming up, I was looking for a new natural and refreshing routine to wash off my face when I came across these cleansing oils. 

The thing that I love about oil cleansing is that it is one of the most efficient ways to deeply remove make up and impurities while infusing the skin with moisturing ingredients and vitamins.

The best part is the little massage you need to give to your skin in order to make oils work. I really feel that massaging my skin helps keep it toned and super clean.

If you never tried before, try it! Oil cleansing will rock your skin world!

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Power Breakfast

Primrose's Kitchen

I am very well aware of the benefits of beetroots and carrots on my general health and skin in particular. But I just don’t like eating them.

That’s why I was very happy this week to discover the “Raw Vegetable Mueslis” of Primrose’s Kitchen.

These mueslis are packed with natural goodies like ginger, apple, chia seeds and milk thistle, and contain a minimum of 23% of carrots or beetroots (miracle!)

Primrose Kitchen carefully slow dried them to maintain all the enzymes and essential vitamins and minerals and uses organic raw agave nectar and virgin coconut oil instead of heavy oils and refined sugars.

Eating vegetables has never been easier!

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Nail Rehab

nail rehab

Do you find your nails are looking rubbish lately? If you have been constantly wearing nail polish this winter, it is time to think about a nail rehab. A few days sans verni will do the trick but if you feel you need an extra boost, cut your nails as short as they will go and start this 5-steps recovery program. Continue reading