Fashion Weeks: the Invitations!

Hi ladies, I am in London for the Fashion Week and everything is so busy that I did not had time to prepare a post (really don’t know how the other bloggers manage..). In the meantime, and till I have time to prepare a post to show you properly how it is like to “do” the Fashion Week (mainly exhausting!), I thought it would be nice to re-publish a post I did on the fashion weeks.. invitations!

Today, I got the chance to visit a very special calligraphy studio which works for many fashion houses and create tailor-made invitations for the fashion week shows or events for them! From fun special format invitations for the D&G fashion runway, to precious hand-calligraphed invitation for Roberto Cavalli 40th anniversary or hot private parties with a touch of gold and acquarelle, each of their invite are unique.. and each are like true little pieces of art! Have a look!


For those interested in the subject, they also published a book, Delle Lettere, a very well-made reference manual of calligraphy!

They also super nicely prepared a special calligraphed card for my blog! What an absolutely faaabulous team! ;)

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3 thoughts on “Fashion Weeks: the Invitations!

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  2. Fashionthroughtravel

    Oh wow, everything look so beautiful!
    Love your personalized card!
    Sorry for being MIA for such a long time, but I was so stressed out at work and I also went on a trip that I didn’t really have any time for anything these past few weeks… I’m back to reading your posts now! :)


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