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Hot Bamboo Massage

bamboo massage

Hot bamboo massage is the new stones massage!

 Using warm bamboo canes and bamboo oil to stretch muscles and massage the body, this massage improves lymphatic flow, stimulate drainage and the heated bamboos are just what you need to release tension and tightness.

The “hottest” new treatment in town. ;)

Now available at Champneys.

55mn, £65


Review : Phytocyane, Densifying Hair Treatment Serum

phytocyane densifying treatment serumAs you may know, I started to take food supplements for my hair in order to prepare them for my wedding this summer. Well I decided to put all chances on my side and start another treatment in parallel which I think should complement very well the effects of the tabs: Phytocyane, a densifying hair treatment from Phyto.

Phytocyane is a serum specifically formulated with good ingredients and nurturing vitamins for hair and designed to be injected directly on the scalp (think mesotherapy applied to scalp). 

phytocyane densifying treatment serum

I won’t list the names of these ingredients because they are all a bit long and technical (though Phyto, as you know, only uses plants so everything is 100% vegetal and natural – no bad chemical nasties that go into you scalp!) but essential some target keratin production, some protect hair bulbs against free radicals (to extend each hair’s life cycle) while vitamins B and silk proteins (I can name these easy ones!) improve hair thickness. There is  even one ingredient (“tyrosine derivative”) which promises to slow down the appearance of grey hair. So yes, essentially, these ampoules are pure goodies for your hair and do everything they can to prolong the life, shiny-ess, thickness and colour of your hair.

phytocyane densifying treatment serum

The way it works is that you need to apply the serum contained in the ampoules after your shampoo/conditioner, on towel-dried hair. Apply the serum on your scalp, section by section, using the applicator nozzle provided. Massage gently to make your scalp absurd as much serum as possible (I found that it is actually nice to take a bit of time to massage your head every now and then!). Each ampoule is 7.5ml which I found was quite enough to properly cover a whole head. Do not rinse and if you want, blow dry as usual (am trying not to blow dry too much at the moment). You can use these ampoules as an intensive treatment over one month (three times a week) or just for maintenance (once a week).

phytocyane densifying treatment serum

phytocyane densifying treatment serum

I do not know if I am loosing less hair and it is hard to tell if my hair started to be thicker already but what you almost immediately notice is that this treatment definitely creates more volume (perhaps the massage helps to properly lift up the roots?) and also my hair are terribly shinny and super duper healthy these days.

Phytocyane, Densifying Treatment Serum, 12 ampoules (1 month supply), £38.50

Beauty Boosting Supplements

wild nutrition skin nail hair supplement

My wedding is in exactly 2 months now so I decided to start a cure of vitamins for my skin, hair and nails as is often advised.

I decided to try Wild Nutrition, a brand I read a lot about recently – called them “supplements that are changing the face of vitamins”! Continue reading

Organizing Your Summer Makeup

organising summer makeup

If you’re like most girls, you have a giant makeup hoard hiding in one of your bathroom drawers. From blue mascaras to all forms of foundations to all those eyeliners we just had to try (but never wore again), there are lots of hidden treasures (and countless duds) in our makeup drawers. And in the summer, things only get worse. We add in sunscreens and bronzers, blushes and body glitters. Things only get more disorganized during warm weather. That’s why a having a cosmetic organiser like the ones at is super important.

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Wonder Hands

cicalfate avene

Every since I got engaged, I have had this beautiful ring sitting on my fingers. While I could not be happier to wear it every day – and I still do look at it several times a day! – I realised that my hands were…  well not that glam.

I have had problems of dry hands and fingers for a little while and even got a few cracks this winter. I tried many hand creams, and while some have pleasant scents, they usually aren’t moisturizing enough for me. 

After finishing the tube of my last shea butter hand cream, I decided to try next the Cicalfate repairing hand cream from Avène.

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Eye Skin Care

lancome eye cream

When I noticed at the start of this year my first two fine lines around the eyes, I freaked out and decided that it was time to add specific eye care products to my skin-care routine.

After a bit of research, I decided to try 2 products from Lancôme: the Bi-Facil makeup remover (voted “Best Beauty Buy 2014” by InStyle and often described as the holy grail of eye makeup remover) and the Visionnaire Eye Corrector, an eye cream which claims to help fight 2 common eye problems, wrinkles and dark circles.

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The Smell of the Rain

Jo Malone Rain Collection

But not any kind of rain. City rain. And more precisely London rain.

This is the type of smell that inspired Jo Malone to create its new limited edition of fragrances: the London Rain collection.

The collection contains 4 different colognes, each denoting a different kind of rainy weather, from romantic and intense rainy mornings to wild rainstorms at night.  Continue reading

Max Factor’s #Selfeye


Max Factor makes some of the best budget mascaras on the market so I am always quite excited when they release a new one. And their new “Excess Volume Extreme Impact” mascara, launched this year, promised to be, despite its long complicated name, a really interesting product.

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Treatment of the Week: an Organic Seaweed Bath

Voya Seaweed Bath

Seaweed baths are a big tradition in Ireland which I meant to try for a while. So when I had a particularly bad week the other week, I decided that it was time to do just that: take 30 minutes out for myself and indulge in a deeply relaxing and detoxifying bath treatment.

I decided to try Voya, a company based on the wild Atlantic coast of Strandhill, Sligo in Ireland known to produce the finest organic seaweed Continue reading

Wedding Fragrance: The “Nuptial Bouquet” by Atkinsons

atkinson nuptial bouquetI recently got engaged and could not wait to try out the new fragrance created last year by Atkinsons, the historic English fragrance house.

Originally founded in 1799, Atkinsons was the personal perfumer of the royal family and you can see this in the royal purple theme and coat of arms decorating their bottles.

The composition of the Nuptial Bouquet is based on the flowers that Queen Victoria carried in her wedding bouquet: violet (traditional in a wedding bouquet), lily of the valley (which I like very much), myrtle and white sandalwood. The scent is extremely feminine, youthful and crisp  –  very springtime.

It doesn’t have to be just a wedding scent but is really for anyone who loves their perfume light, floral and fresh and wants to remind themselves the story of this royal romance and the young Victoria, madly in love with her dear Albert!

Nuptial Bouquet, Atkinsons, 100ml, £95

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Spring Essentials: My Kitch Hair Ties!

my kitch hair ties

I was about to go to Boots to buy a stock of my regular boring hair ties when I discovered a really interesting new brand :

My Kitsch is a US brand making cool hair ties. The brand is all about music festival, summer fun, peace and love. Exactly the sort of vibe I need right now.

Plus the hair ties are so adorable that people wear them as bracelet too!

Have a look.

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