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A Dream Italian Wedding!

Wedding in Bergamo

Last weekend I was invited to a gorgeous party in Bergamo, in the countryside of Milan, to celebrate the wedding of two very good friends of mine.

The newly wed couple is Italiano-American. The wedding took place in an old Italian castle mixing references to both American and Italian weddings (with for example a traditional Bergamese buffet with polenta and cured meat.. but also a big American BBQ on the lawn!).

The bride had suggested a dress code for the day (polka dot or flowers!) Continue reading

Visiting Christian Lacroix Hotel in Paris!

Christian Lacroix Hotel Paris Bellechasse

While in Paris for the Fashion Week the other month, I had a very cool proposition: go visit one of Christian Lacroix hotel!! “Visiting” the hotel means that I was able to sneak inside all the rooms of the hotel (well.. ok those one that were free that morning) together with the director of the hotel. How fun!

What I discovered was a truly unique place. The whole decor is crazy, beautiful, baroque.. completely Christian Lacroix! It is called the “Bellechasse” and is located on the Left Bank of Paris in the middle of what is called the “Latin Quarter“, one of Paris’s most beautiful place (and yes, dear readers, this is central). Continue reading

The “Chilly” Spring Shawl from Hermes!

Hermes Stole ShawlYesterday, to celebrate the arrival of Spring, I decided to mark the occasion in style.. and wore this giant shawl from Hermes!

Its name is “Piments” (“Chilly” in English). It is all in the green, brown and red hues. And it is giant indeed.. perfect to go out celebrate this first “chilly” day of Spring! ;)

What about you? Did you do anything special for the first day of Spring?

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New It Bag: The ChYc Cabas, from Saint Laurent Paris

Saint Lauren Paris ChYC CabasThe other day I went to shoot my friend M.-A. (a Parisian chic girl with one of the biggest bag collection I know of – but more on this very soon!) as she succumbed to one of this year biggest temptation: the Cabas ChYc from Saint Laurent Paris! A great opportunity for me to approach (and test) this new IT bag..

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Product Review: Nu Skin 180° Cell Renewal Fluid

180 Cell Renewal Fluid, from Nu Skin

With the dry winter months almost behind us now (or so I hope..), I have been feeling like finishing up my richly moisturising winter creams and in the mood to start using some anti-aging formulas again.

This month I started to use Nu Skin 180°® Cell Renewal Fluid, a special serum formulated to help to accelerate cell renewal.

So.. what in it and what are the claims of this special fluid exactly? Continue reading

The Scents of Provence: La Collection de Grasse from L’Occitane

Collection de Grasse L'Occitane Perfume

The other day, L’Occitane organised a little afternoon tea at Fiori Bianchi in Milan to celebrate the release of its new perfume collection for this spring and summer: la Collection de Grasse.

Created by Karine Dubreuil, a famous ‘nez‘ who already worked for several Maisons and now master perfumer at L’Occitane, the new perfume line was designed to recreate the scents of Provence into four beautiful compositions:  Vanille & Narcisse, Magnolia & Mure, Jasmine & Bergamote and The Vert & Bigarade.

My favourites? Jasmin & Bergamot, perfect for spring or to wear as an every-day super fresh sort of cologne perfume. And Vanille & Narcisse, warm and sensual, for the hot summer nights!

And you.. have you already decided which perfume are you going to wear this summer? Continue reading

Manicure (and Bijoux) du Jour: Vendetta from Chanel!

Manicure Nail Art Tutorial Bijoux French Designer

One of the shades I love on my nails in winter is a deep dark purple!

It looks great on white skin ;) and is the perfect shade to lighten up big black coats / pullover.

Vendetta from Chanel Les Vernis is a great one. The shade is actually quite dark, so depending on whether you like it darker or more purpley, you can apply only one or the usual two layers.

I am wearing it this week with my new bracelet “Folk” from Caroline Najman, a French jewelry designer I am having a crush on.

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Street Style – London

Street Style LondonI met this girl during London Fashion Week at the Fashion Scout, a place showcasing catwalks of young designers during London Fashion Week (more on this later).

We were queing together, waiting for the show of Timur Kim, a talented young designer who already made a capsule collection for Pringles of Scotland (more on him later too..).

I fell in love with her look. The glasses (obviously), the little fur collar, the bold print.. and even the shade of lipstick she chose to go with it. I bet she was seeing la vie en rose this day.. Continue reading

Celebrating Shiseido New Spring Make Up Collection!

Shiseido Spring Summer Make Up

The other evening, Shiseido decided to organise a cocktail to present their new Spring / Summer make up collection.

The event took place at the Rinascente in Milan. Several Italian beauty bloggers were there of course but not only as beauty bloggers were able to invite readers and friends to come discover the new collection too.

We were able to speak to make up artists and get advice on which tones are best for us as well as the new make up trends and tips for this spring / summer 2013! I went there with a couple of friends. A really interesting.. and fun evening! Here are all the pics!

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At the Affordable Art Fair!

Affordable Art Fair Milan
The other day, I went to visit the Affordable Art Fair with my friend D., a super cool architect from France.

The Affordable Art Fair is a special fair presenting pieces of contemporary art costing maximum of 5,000 eur (hence the word “affordable”).

I borrowed D’s glasses for the occassion – to help me look like the perfect art aficionado :) We saw several things there, we did not like everything but still saw a couple of pieces which were we thought really interesting… Here are all the pictures!

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Beauty Idea for Women Day!


Why not add a touch of yellow to your makeup tonight to celebrate International Women’s Day?

Here are the advices of Fabrizio Paci, responsible for the training at MAKE UP FOR EVER, on how to apply this very trendy and fashionable colour (approximative translation by me..)!

  • Apply it on the eye lid to give a natural, glam effect to the eyes, or
  • Combine it with a black pencil for a stronger, more graphic effect.
  • Keep in mind that it is always good to apply a base on your eyes before apply the yellow.

That’s it. Happy Women Days ladies! Continue reading

A Night at the Oscars with Make Up For Ever!

Make Up For Ever School Milan SephoraEver dreamt of looking like a movie star just for one night?

The other day, Make Up For Ever decided to celebrate the night of the Oscars and organised a very fun tutorial at its Make Up School here in Milan to show us some evening make up techniques and made us look like true movie stars.

Many of my Beauty or Fashion Bloggers friends were there.. and Sephora was also recording the event for its new online Beauty Tv Canal BeauTv! How intimidating ;)

The evening make ups (and hairstyles) that were done that night were absolutely amazing. I still don’t know which one I preferred.. Maybe the one of AudreylikeAlice for the makeup and me for the hairstyle! What do you think?

If you ever wondered how these stars can look so good.. the answer is totally their makeup! ;)

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How to Rock a Scarf : The Tie Knot!

How to Tie a Hermes Scarf The Bow TieSo I am now back home from what trendy people call “Fashion Month” (people do not say “Fashion Weeks” anymore but “Fashion Month” as yes, technically, it lasts about a month and it is chicer to show that you attended all of them and not just one of course..)

And as I promise you the other week when I showed you the special Carnival de Venise scarf from Hermes, here is a quick (and easy) new tutorial to show you how to rock your scarves (= how to tie them in a cool way).

This time with a Tie Knot. Here are the pictures. I did not put any comment as, hopefully, it is self explanatory (if you have any question, don’t hesitate to just leave a msg!). Continue reading

Paris Fashion Week: The Bags

Paris Fashion Week BagsHi there ladies, I am still in Paris for the Fashion Week. Back home tomorrow to attend what promise to be an amazing new Make Up For Ever make up tutorial.

I have lots of pictures of great shows and new designers to share with you.. but today, I want to share pictures of some great bags I saw this week at Paris Fashion Week.

What I loved was the diversity.. from Chanel to Chinese bags! Which one is your favourite?

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