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How to Choose the Right Foundation


A first in cosmetics retail: Sephora teamed up with color specialist Pantone to create a special tool.. that scans the surface of your skin and finds the most scientifically precise shade of foundation for your skin!

Entitled SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ, the machine is based off the Pantone X-Rite Spectrocolorimeter used in the design world. Continue reading

Ready for Summer? Check out this Beauty Kit from Benefit

benefit cosmetics primping with the star review

I just came back from Cannes where I had a lovely time dancing at the very cool Villa Schweppes and realised one of my ultimate life’s dream: walking up the red carpet! Full report on this to follow very soon. But today, I want to share with you details about a product that really saved my little bum over there: the “Primping with the StarBeauty Kit from Benefit.

What is so cool about this product is that it is a “Beauty Kit”: a kit of all the basic products you need for a (gorgeous) make up... in travelling sizeWhen you travel, you can either take the book or just the products inside. Inside are all the very cool and fun best sellers of Benefit.

A must-have to travel light and in style this summer!

(or if you don’t know Benefit products yet and want to try them in travelling/sample size..)

Check it out below!

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Yoga Beauty: Yogi Wipes!

yoga face wipe yoga accessories

Do you love yoga but not what it does to your skin (the sweat, the dehydration and all these bacterias nested in your yoga mat)?

If not, then I have the perfect accessory for you this week: yoga wipes!

Yogi Wipe is a new and cool company from Los-Angeles which had the idea to create facial wipes specially for yogistas. The difference between them and other facial wipes? These ones have been speficially designed to calm and nourish our skin after yoga or gym workouts: aloe (to soothe and calm the skin), green tea extract (fights breakouts), cucumber extract (refreshing), hyaluronic acid (anti-ageing), spearmint (refreshing, cooling and decongesting) and lastly vitamins C, D and E (stuff skins always need). It can’t get better than this!

Check them out or order them online at www.yogiwipe.com

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Trend of the Week: Art Deco Manicure!

Great Gabsy Manicure

This week, fashion experts and lovers are on alert: “The Great Gatsby” is set to be released on cinemas worldwide featuring Leonardo.. and costumes designed by Miuccia Prada!

To celebrate the occasion, here is a selection of the 5 best Art Deco manicures ideas from Pinterest!

For those of you who are not ready to start wearing swingy pearl necklaces or fringed flapper dresses at work nor to start to bring extendable cigarette holders at their cigarette break.. ;) but still want to nab that little Daisy Buchanan look this week!

Have fun!

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Why not.. try an Anti-Pollution Treatment for your Hair!

Hairmed product review

City girls here is a special beauty alert for you!

Did you ever realise that external particles found in big cities such as dust and pollution are extremely aggressive for your skin (that.. thanks god you realised a long time ago.. hopefully?) but also for your hair (of course!)?

Well.. that may sound obvious but I actually never really thought about it.. till I encounter the (expert) team of HairMed, a new brand which I recently discovered and which is doing super technical and innovative hair products.

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Anti-Ageing Tips from… Beverly Hills!

Zo Skin Health Dr Obagi Product Review

The anti-ageing kits of Dr. Obagi, a famous dermatologist from Beverly Hills, are one of the biggest buzz in the anti-ageing industry..  so I naturally got very excited when I had the opportunity to discuss with their team in Milan (which included a medical surgeon!) and get to try out their products. Here is my product review!

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A Day at Max Factor’s Make Up School!

Max Factor Make Up School

The other week, I attended one of my favourite beauty events of the year: a new session of Max Factor‘s Make Up School!

The event was organised in the beautiful gardens of the Sheraton Diane Majestic hotel in Milan and the lesson was given by one of my make up gurusRajan Tolomei. Rajan is a top Make Up Artist (in fact he is even Creative Director for Max Factor Italy) and I love to hear him speak about new make up trends, how women should feel like about themselves and learn his (expert) tricks. He is actually sharing many of his tricks and vision on Max Factor Blog. If interested, join in the Max Club here!

Here are all the pictures of the event as well as a quick guide on Max Factor’s new Spring/Summer collection and how we created a hot and sexy summer make up with them.
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A Shot of Beauty Serum?

bibo face treatment ampoule

Feel that your skin needs a shot of something but not sure what exactly?

Try these new beauty serums from Bibo!

Nicely presented in individual ampoules, these highly concentrated serums are like little shots of pure active ingredients for your skin: Hyaluron, Elastin, Collagen, RetinolOmega3-6-9, Multi Vitamin, Quick Lift, Eye Lifting, Golden Repair or even Caviar.. just chose the one you want to try!

Great to give your face a fresh look before a special occasion, for season changes or every time your skin appears tired and dull.

€4 each. Shop them online at www.bibobeauty.com Continue reading

Bring Back Positive Energy: the new Laughing Buddha line from Rituals!


Wake up your senses and bring back positive energy with the new collection Laughing Buddha from Rituals!

Inspired by the legend of the Laughing Buddha who is known to bring happiness and good fortune in old China, Rituals Cosmetics decided to create a new line of products to introduce optimism, good fortune and happiness in our everyday’ (beauty) lives!

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Product Review: Nu Skin 180° Cell Renewal Fluid

180 Cell Renewal Fluid, from Nu Skin

With the dry winter months almost behind us now (or so I hope..), I have been feeling like finishing up my richly moisturising winter creams and in the mood to start using some anti-aging formulas again.

This month I started to use Nu Skin 180°® Cell Renewal Fluid, a special serum formulated to help to accelerate cell renewal.

So.. what in it and what are the claims of this special fluid exactly? Continue reading

Manicure (and Bijoux) du Jour: Vendetta from Chanel!

Manicure Nail Art Tutorial Bijoux French Designer

One of the shades I love on my nails in winter is a deep dark purple!

It looks great on white skin ;) and is the perfect shade to lighten up big black coats / pullover.

Vendetta from Chanel Les Vernis is a great one. The shade is actually quite dark, so depending on whether you like it darker or more purpley, you can apply only one or the usual two layers.

I am wearing it this week with my new bracelet “Folk” from Caroline Najman, a French jewelry designer I am having a crush on.

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Celebrating Shiseido New Spring Make Up Collection!

Shiseido Spring Summer Make Up

The other evening, Shiseido decided to organise a cocktail to present their new Spring / Summer make up collection.

The event took place at the Rinascente in Milan. Several Italian beauty bloggers were there of course but not only as beauty bloggers were able to invite readers and friends to come discover the new collection too.

We were able to speak to make up artists and get advice on which tones are best for us as well as the new make up trends and tips for this spring / summer 2013! I went there with a couple of friends. A really interesting.. and fun evening! Here are all the pics!

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A Night at the Oscars with Make Up For Ever!

Make Up For Ever School Milan SephoraEver dreamt of looking like a movie star just for one night?

The other day, Make Up For Ever decided to celebrate the night of the Oscars and organised a very fun tutorial at its Make Up School here in Milan to show us some evening make up techniques and made us look like true movie stars.

Many of my Beauty or Fashion Bloggers friends were there.. and Sephora was also recording the event for its new online Beauty Tv Canal BeauTv! How intimidating ;)

The evening make ups (and hairstyles) that were done that night were absolutely amazing. I still don’t know which one I preferred.. Maybe the one of AudreylikeAlice for the makeup and me for the hairstyle! What do you think?

If you ever wondered how these stars can look so good.. the answer is totally their makeup! ;)

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