Monthly Archives: February 2012

Travelling Companions

Travelling in the Black Forest the other weekend (read post here) kinda made me dream about new travel accessories. So to go with this week’s mood, pls find below a little selection of dream travelling accessories, all from Smythson, the uber trendy chic English brand where the UK First Lady, Ms Samantha Cameron, was Creative Director. Continue reading

The Lobster

Costume Options for Carnival: Anna Wintour (and Others..)

For all those going to a Carnival Party this weekend, here is a little selection of outfits to inspire you..

Option 1: As a true Fashionista, of course, you could go as an Anna Wintour. The avantage with this option is that you will be able to re-use absolutely all its accessories, i,e., you will need to go shopping for a new fur, a new dress, sunglasses etc ;)  Continue reading

Fabulous Closets

Fab Dream Closets!

Hello ladies and a very happy St Valentine to you all! What are you up to tonight.. but, more importantly, what are you going to WEAR tonight??  I choose something classic chic.. but with one spicy detail ;) Ahaha.. well, I’ll try to post pictures of my outfit later on this week.. so more on this later.. but in the meantime, this week, I am also v. excited cause this week is the week I started my new Interior Decoration class at the very trendy NABA school here in Milan! Continue reading