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Louis Vuitton Trunk

Louis Vuitton Legendary Trunks

The Louis Vuitton Trunk is one of the most iconic luxury travel accessories in the world. In a book entitled  “100 legendary trunks”, Louis Vuitton unveiled amazing images from its archives, showing the history of its trunks, which have been designed to hold everything from camp beds to birthday cake! Continue reading

Travelling Companions

Travelling in the Black Forest the other weekend (read post here) kinda made me dream about new travel accessories. So to go with this week’s mood, pls find below a little selection of dream travelling accessories, all from Smythson, the uber trendy chic English brand where the UK First Lady, Ms Samantha Cameron, was Creative Director. Continue reading

Istanbul here I come!

Hi girls!

I am very excited cause tomorrow.. I am going to Istanbul for a whole week! I am going to visit one of my best friends who moved there almost a year ago now. So watch out for the live report on how-it-really-is-to-go-to-hammam over there (do you go fully naked?), how is Turkish fashion, the best addresses in town, the latest bargaining techniques at the bazar, how to smoke narghile the Turkish way, how do their crazy coffee tastes like & many more Turkish delights.. Cant’ wait!

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Passport Cover, Aspinal, Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

Today I woke up super excited cause… today I am going to London! And not just for a quick weekend but for 4 whole days!! Imagine how many addresses and pictures I’ll be able to bring back in 4 whole days: the shops of Camden Town, Kings Road, Marylebone, Penhalighons, Fortnum & Masons, the bars of Soho.. god I missed everything!

Anyway, am not there yet and for the moment, still just packing my bag.. but that made me think about one of my favorite thing in life: have my own personalized accessories!

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