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New Summer Trend: Glitter Liners!

chanel make up sparkling eye

My favourite make up at Paris Couture Week this year was the sensational sparkling eyes that Peter Philips created for Chanel:

A thick, matt black eye liner on the upper lid and sparkling glitter liner on the lower!

Have a look at these gorgeous backstage pics and make sure you stock up on glitter liners this summer. The trend is announced to be huge!

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Coco Chanel’s Pyjamas

Coco Chanel Pyjama

I have been obsessing lately over the perfect pyjamas (something symbolic of my level of activity this month..) when I fell across the “Coco” from Olivia von Halle.

I knew Olivia von Halle’s super chic pyjamas line (if you do not know her yet, have a look at her website – the ad campaigns are super nice) and could not resist falling in love when I saw this special model inspired by the one Coco Chanel used to borrow from her lover in the 1920s (and featured on Audrey Tautou in Coco Avant Chanel).

By the way: did you know that it was Coco Chanel who made this type of pyjamas available for women – before her, women were only wearing these sort of nightdresses which I hate because I like to wear something on my legs when lounging at home… One more reason to love her!

Happy weekend!

Coco Pyjama Set, £210

coco olivia von halle coco chanel pyjama



coco chanel pyjamas olivia von halle

coco chanel pyjamas olivia von halle

How I got the Hang of Juice Cleanse (yes.. ME!)


I never ever dieted in my life…  till last month.

While working at Vogue in December, the team received a pack of juices from a juice cleanse company. It was 10.30 am, I had a nice breakfast so was not particularly hungry. However, I am one of those persons who can not refuse free food (or in this case “juice”) so, since I got the chance to try them, I grabbed one, thinking it would be a nice juice in addition to my normal meals.

1.00 pm came, I was not feeling hungry. I was quite amused to feel this way as I normally never miss a meal. But since I really was not hungry, I decided to wait till I feel hungry later. When I felt slightly hungry later around 4pm, instead of eating solid food, I took another juice. And so forth.. till 48 hours later.

Not only was I surprised to discover that I was one of these persons actually capable of “juicing” but I also got to understand why people do it: because you DO FEEL ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Really I felt like running a marathon, I was so full of energy, I felt sort of under ecstasy..

I thought a lot about it and concluded that there must 3 reasons why I felt this way:

  • since you do not eat solid food, your stomach and intestines do not have to do their digestion work – no digestion to make you feel heavy or sleepy (anyone ever felt heavy and sleepy on their desk right after lunch at 2 pm?)
  • the juices are extracted from the most energetic vegetables and fruits that exist (kale, spinach, carrots, etc) – basically it is like drinking pure shots of vitamin C, D etc. No wonder you feel a boost of energy!
  • I immediately felt more skinny in my jeans and realised after that I had lost almost 2 kilos. I also never had a flat stomach in my life (I am more of a “curvy” girl) and that, by itself, made me feel so happy. Though I do have to say that you will gain back the weight. Juice cleanse is to detox your intestines and liver, it is not a diet.

Since that day, I completely changed my mind about juice cleanse and am now swearing by the virtue of a (short) juice cleanse here and then in the year. All I want to do is do another one soon!

In my next post, I am going to tell you which juice cleanse company I tried and which one does the best cleanse in my opinion. Stay tune!

3 Fab Lip Balms to Kiss Goodbye to Cracked Lips this Winter!

best lip balms

There is a ton of lip products out there in the market there but there’s nothing chicer in your handbag or more efficient than the market’s best lip balms.

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Thermal Waters: Where to Jump In!

mountain spa

1. Bormio

Dive into more than 2,000 years of history in the Roman baths of Bormio! These baths have been famous from the first century B.C. when ancient travellers use to come here for a regenerating bath in the thermal waters before continuing their tiresome climb to the Alps. Continue reading

Mountain Therapy

Pure Altitude

One of my favourite beauty brands in winter is Pure Altitude, the natural skincare line of Fermes de Marie, a five-star mountain spa located in the chic ski resort of Megeve in France.

Each product is formulated with mountain plants or minerals such as edelweiss, marjoran, pine, arnica or lemon balm and uses mountain water drawn from the Mont-Blanc.

Perfect to rejuvenate winter-damaged skin and to bring a little piece of mountain freshness into my bathroom!

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