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Review : Phytocyane, Densifying Hair Treatment Serum

phytocyane densifying treatment serumAs you may know, I started to take food supplements for my hair in order to prepare them for my wedding this summer. Well I decided to put all chances on my side and start another treatment in parallel which I think should complement very well the effects of the tabs: Phytocyane, a densifying hair treatment from Phyto.

Phytocyane is a serum specifically formulated with good ingredients and nurturing vitamins for hair and designed to be injected directly on the scalp (think mesotherapy applied to scalp). 

phytocyane densifying treatment serum

I won’t list the names of these ingredients because they are all a bit long and technical (though Phyto, as you know, only uses plants so everything is 100% vegetal and natural – no bad chemical nasties that go into you scalp!) but essential some target keratin production, some protect hair bulbs against free radicals (to extend each hair’s life cycle) while vitamins B and silk proteins (I can name these easy ones!) improve hair thickness. There is  even one ingredient (“tyrosine derivative”) which promises to slow down the appearance of grey hair. So yes, essentially, these ampoules are pure goodies for your hair and do everything they can to prolong the life, shiny-ess, thickness and colour of your hair.

phytocyane densifying treatment serum

The way it works is that you need to apply the serum contained in the ampoules after your shampoo/conditioner, on towel-dried hair. Apply the serum on your scalp, section by section, using the applicator nozzle provided. Massage gently to make your scalp absurd as much serum as possible (I found that it is actually nice to take a bit of time to massage your head every now and then!). Each ampoule is 7.5ml which I found was quite enough to properly cover a whole head. Do not rinse and if you want, blow dry as usual (am trying not to blow dry too much at the moment). You can use these ampoules as an intensive treatment over one month (three times a week) or just for maintenance (once a week).

phytocyane densifying treatment serum

phytocyane densifying treatment serum

I do not know if I am loosing less hair and it is hard to tell if my hair started to be thicker already but what you almost immediately notice is that this treatment definitely creates more volume (perhaps the massage helps to properly lift up the roots?) and also my hair are terribly shinny and super duper healthy these days.

Phytocyane, Densifying Treatment Serum, 12 ampoules (1 month supply), £38.50

Beauty Boosting Supplements

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Organizing Your Summer Makeup

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If you’re like most girls, you have a giant makeup hoard hiding in one of your bathroom drawers. From blue mascaras to all forms of foundations to all those eyeliners we just had to try (but never wore again), there are lots of hidden treasures (and countless duds) in our makeup drawers. And in the summer, things only get worse. We add in sunscreens and bronzers, blushes and body glitters. Things only get more disorganized during warm weather. That’s why a having a cosmetic organiser like the ones at is super important.

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