Packing for Paris Fashion Week!

packing for Paris Fashion Week

A very quick post today cause I am on my way to Paris for the last Fashion Week of this season. I am going to be sad it is ending but on the other end, my liver really need a break (again, as I often tell you, I do not know how the other bloggers do! they are super-human beings). I am still trying to pack my bag, print my tickets and catch my flight on time, but wanted to share with you quickly these pics, showing a few of my essentials to survive this last Fashion Week.

packing for Paris Fashion Week

My mini Mac (no drive, so easy to transport everywhere!) and its pijama case.packing for Paris Fashion Week

My iPhone (hope I’ll get wifi on the shows over there cause do not even think about telling designers that you are not instragraming their collection live cause you have a foreign contract and there is no free wifi..). And my Creme de la Mer lipbalm. A pure luxury but my cracked lips this winter really need a treat.

packing for Paris Fashion Week

Business cards of course. packing for Paris Fashion Week

My file with all the invits and my agenda. My agenda is the one Ines de la Fressange published this year. If I see her, I may have to ask her to dedicate it ;)

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My camera (the Nikon D3100), my new 50mm objective (the one which makes the blurry background effect) and my little fur ball (it is very ‘trending’ to accessorise your camera during Fashion Week I noticed).packing for Paris Fashion Week

Lastly, given the weather conditions for the last Fashion Weeks, I prefer to be cautious and take both my snow and rain boots!

Speak with you tomorrow from Paris!

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