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How to Choose the Right Foundation


A first in cosmetics retail: Sephora teamed up with color specialist Pantone to create a special tool.. that scans the surface of your skin and finds the most scientifically precise shade of foundation for your skin!

Entitled SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ, the machine is based off the Pantone X-Rite Spectrocolorimeter used in the design world. Continue reading

Royal College of Art Graduate Show: My Top 3 Designers!

Maiko Takeda royal college of art summer exhibition show

Last weekend, I went with some designer friends to visit the Graduate Show of the Royal College of Art.

This show is where students of this prestigious school get to display their final collection to the public. Every program is represented from Product Design to Fashion Accessories or Textiles.

It was a unique opportunity to discover some very futuristic designers and reflect on a couple of new ideas! Check out my top 3!

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Make Up Nightmare: How to be Hip but Waterproof this Summer!

waterproof makeup make up for ever

Have you ever had that nightmare where you arrive looking fab and gorgeous on the beach.. meet that boy.. go for that sexy swim.. and then realise that your make up actually ran everywhere and that you are now looking like Marilyn Manson?

If you did, fear not. Make Up For Ever just released a tutorial explaining how to realise a very hip summer make up.. 100% waterproof!

Their products are in fact so good that even the ballerinas of the French synchronised swimming team are using them. Now if it works for them.. it should work for us!

Check it out!

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Inside the Jewellery Collection of a Parisian Chic Girl!

jewellery collection parisian chicDeveloping the right jewellery collection requires skills. And no one is better at this than my friend MA, a notable Parisian chic girl.

Born and raised in the 16th arrondissement of Paris (the French upper east side!), she likes chic and elegant pieces. Over the years she managed to collect all the main pieces from luxe jewellers like the H and the Hapi bracelets from Hermes (quadruple wrap of course), the Trinity ring from Cartier, pearls from Tiffanys, cocktail earrings from Chanel or even a fabulous diamond parure for her city soirées. She choose the best out of each designer without mistake and that’s what I like.

Here is a glimpse into her fab collection.

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Bikini Ready? Try the new 30 Days Body Challenge!

diego dalla palma 30 days hd bodyfit

Bikini Day – 30 and you are like so not ready? Try the new 30 Days Body Challenge Program!

Diego dalla Palma created the ultimate beach body preparation treatment: an intensive, shock action program aimed to combat all body problems and get bikini ready in just 4 weeks. The kit contains 4 products, each tackling a different body problem (water retention, cellulite, localized fat and sagging skin), to be applied in 4 phases1 – Draining, 2 – Anti-Cellulite, 3 – Slimming, 4 – Firming. Check it out!

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Bloggers at Work!

bloggers at work london fashion week

Ever wondered how bloggers look like while working on the set?

Well.. some of them have amazing, extravagant style, others (like me) have a more practical approach. The common point is: everyone is holding on to their precious camera (some of them can indeed cost a fortune and it did happen to one of my friends that someone from the street just snatched her camera from her hands after a fashion show in front of everyone!).

Anyway, enough bad stories. Here are a few pictures which I took of bloggers working around me during the last fashion weeks. Some of them are amazing. Check them out!

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Gift Idea for Moms To Be and New Moms: the Flowers & Pampering Sets from Debenhams!

debenhams flower and pampering gifts set pampering gift for new mum mum to be

Your friend just had her baby or announced that she is pregnant and you are wondering what to get her?

Debenhams Flowers teamed up with Sanctuary Spa to create very special packages to buy or send to new mums: flower bouquets.. which come with a gift box full of Sanctuary Spa pampering products specially designed for new mums!

The service also let you add a chocolate box or balloon to the delivery and another set comes with a scented candle.

Check them out on

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Summertime Glam at the Clarins Party!

Clarins Party Milan Sephora italia

The other week, my friend Silvia, from the great blog Shopills, invited me to a special “summertime glam” event she was hosting for Clarins at Sephora in Milan. The event was  open to all and I hope many of you went!

Together we discussed beach-friendly beauty tips while the expert team of Clarins got to show us what will be their hero products to look glamourous and sexy this summer. Have a look!

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The Day I met a Giant Birkin..

giant hermes birkin

I knew birkins came into giant (travel) sizes. I may have seen one in the press on Kim Kardashian or Victoria Beckham one day but I never actually saw one in the street (or well I mean around me).. till the other day in London, during Vivienne Westwood‘s fashion show at the Saatchi Gallery.

It was gigantic: 50x55cm! One of Vivienne Westwood’s climate change rep was wearing one while parading out there before and after the show. The bag was a used one. I guess Vivienne Westwood was trying to make the point that if you cherish your accessories or clothes, you should hang on to them and not replace them every season. Well.. point received: if I ever got the chance to put my hand on a Birkin (even in the smaller size), I would never ever stop loving it! ;)

In the meantime, how stylish it should feel to travel with a birkin..! Happy week everyone!

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Biennale di Venezia: The Human Distiller!

biennale venezia human distiller

The 55th edition of the Biennale di Venezia just opened yesterday! The whole who’s who of contemporary art flew over there for its opening and major international art exhibitions will take place in various venues in the city from June 1st to November 24th, 2013. Time for me to share a few exhibitions which I found particularly interesting. Today.. the Human Distiller!

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Going Places. Vegas.

Mandalay Bay

One of the coolest areas on earth for me is Vegas and, more particularly in Vegas, the Mandalay Bay. The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino is more than a hotel.. it is a little piece of heaven with its own tropical paradise where you find a wave pool with real sand, a lazy river which you ride along lying on rafts and even a beach casino (where, unlike normal casinos, casual dressing is highly welcomed! :). I heard that concerts on this beach club are amazing at night too and just in case you were looking for more spicy activities: they now have a Shark Reef Aquarium, a sort of giant aquarium with giant rays, piranha, golden crocodile.. where you can dive with sharks!! I recently tried it in Dubai (in the fantastic Atlantis hotel which also provides this sort of dive.. and it was one of the best experience in my life (but more on this later!).

Make sure you check out this hotel and in case you (or your friends) still think that Vegas is only for poker players, check out this guide which explains all the other things you can do in the city of Vegas. Cause there is no place like Vegas!

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