Jewellery for Future Mums!

pregnancy chime necklace

I was looking for a gift for my pregnant friend the other day when I came across these adorable necklaces for pregnant women!

The necklaces are silver pendants which, when they move on the belly of pregnant women, create a soft chime which babies hear and respond to starting from the 20th of pregnancy.

It is inspired by an old tradition in Mexico (where it is called “Mexican Bola”) and also in Indonesia where women wear this necklace during their pregnancy to stimulate their babies and start to create a link with them. New mums can also wear them as maternity necklace and use it to play with their babies during breast feeding or to make them sleep.

All the models are really pretty. Some have bright tassels, stars charms or mini pearls attached to it. You can choose the pearl you want (I personally loved the coral one!) or choose the actually birth stone of the baby.

For super chic new mums – have a look!

25eur / 20£ / 35$

bola chime pendant

Collection “Madam Pom Pom” – with tassels and stars

Mexican bola pregnancy necklace

The Liberty Collection

bola necklace

maternity necklace

The Mini Pearl Collection

pregnancy necklace

mexican bola chime necklace

And for the more classical models – I love the one which seems like a gorgeous Hermes necklace below!

mexican bola pregnancy necklace

mexican bola

mexican bola necklace


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