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Bikini Ready? Try the new 30 Days Body Challenge!

diego dalla palma 30 days hd bodyfit

Bikini Day – 30 and you are like so not ready? Try the new 30 Days Body Challenge Program!

Diego dalla Palma created the ultimate beach body preparation treatment: an intensive, shock action program aimed to combat all body problems and get bikini ready in just 4 weeks. The kit contains 4 products, each tackling a different body problem (water retention, cellulite, localized fat and sagging skin), to be applied in 4 phases1 – Draining, 2 – Anti-Cellulite, 3 – Slimming, 4 – Firming. Check it out!

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Spicing up Winter: Tropical Caribbean Beauty Products!

Ligne St Barth

Time to ditch your Teddy Bear winter routine and chic up your beauty ritual with these gorgeous products from Ligne Saint Barth. All based on natural ingredients from the French Caribbean, these products, with their divine perfume of exotic fruits and plants, are a treat for the skin as well as the skin and will make you glow all winter long. Glow girls! Continue reading

La Mer Skin Care Products Explained!

Creme de la Mer

Last Thursday, all Milanese beauty bloggers woke up happy: La Mer, the company behind the worldwide best-seller “miraculous” anti-ageing cream, decided to convene beauty bloggers around a convivial breakfast to introduce and explain their products to us. Croissants and highly technical discussions on an iconic product? Totally my cup of tea! ;)

Joke apart, this meeting was a great opportunity for me to ask all the questions I never dared to ask. So.. what is this Creme de La Mer exactly, why is it called the “miraculous” cream of the industry and how much exactly do it cost?

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Ligne St Barth.. or The Delicious Feeling of the French Caribbean!

Ligne St Barth

If you ever feel in a “resort” mood after all the fashion resort and cruise collections I showed you, then it is time for me to share with you details one of my favourite beauty lines.. coming straight from the French Caribbeans: the very chic Ligne St Barth!

This line is not one of the hippest in the market for no reason. Set up by the Brins family (a French family whose ancestors settled in Saint Barthelemy.. – or “St Barth” as we should more poshly say… – in the 17th century), the line uses delicious local Caribbeans flowers and fruits to produce natural products which all have heaven-like perfumes and textures. My favourites? The Banana Hand Cream, Avocado All-in-one Oil or Lip Balm with Sugar Cane Extract. Continue reading

Beauty Review: The Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex from Olay!

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex

A few weeks ago, my friend Anja from the Dolls Factory asked me to take part in a review which Olay was conducting here in Italy. The object of the review was their Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex and they were looking for 30+ years old people to test their products for 15 days and tell them what they think about it. Continue reading

Ancient Beauty Secrets: the Epoch Body Care Line!

epoch nu skin

When winter comes, I like to change my beauty routine and switch to intense, long-lasting hydration products. This month I tried Epoch, the Body Line of Nu Skin, the new highly technical brand I was telling you about the other day here. Epoch Products use ancient traditions of indigenous cultures and botanical ingredients derived from renewable sources (and as always with Nu Skin, part of the profit are donated to charities.. for this line, it is environmental charities). If you are interested, here is a little guide of their “ethno-botical” body products to smooth your dry winter skin.. from head to toes ;)  Continue reading

Everlinespa o2 oxygen treatment

The Everlinespa o2 Luxury Oxygen Treatment!

There has been one thing on my mind for a little while.. and this was to try an oxygen facial treatment to try to do something with my dead, old skin before I take things further.. ;) I was thus thrilled when the team of Everlinespa O2 accepted to make me a proper presentation of this technology.. and ask me to test it! Continue reading