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A Summer Weekend in the Valley of Munster!

summer in the mountain

Last weekend I went with some friends in the valley of Munster, a lovely mountain range in Alsace, in the east of France.
Mountain lakes, glaciers craters, cows, horses, bluebells, daffodil Vosges pansies and delectable local products were all part of the scenery.
A feast for the eyes and culinary senses! Have a look!

Dream Spa: Tuscan Pleasures!

Il Salviatino, Florence

Immersed in the rolling green Tuscan hills, the Salviatino Spa is a must-try experience for any beautistas visiting Tuscany. Set within the sumptuous XVth century villa hotel Il Salviatino near Florence, the Spa collaborated with Dr Vranjes, one of Florence’s most exclusive perfume houses to create special poly-sensorial treatments using all the characteristic Tuscan fragrances!  Continue reading

Winter Holidays Guide: Alta Pusteria in the Dolomites

alta pusteria dolomites

Ski and mountains lovers great news: the ski season is officially opening this weekend! I am personally off to Zermatt to celebrate with friends (the opening weekend of the ski season is always a very festive (and special) moment!). Apparently a perfect storm has just dropped almost 1m of fresh snow over there and it will be sunny again by tomorrow! Full report on this weekend (including our very hot beach themed after-ski party..) next week. In the meantime, I decided to make some posts to present you a few top skiing destinations. Today: the charming region of Alta Pusteria in the Dolomites!

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Strasbourg Christmas Market!

Have you ever been to Strasbourg around Christmas time? If not, you should. It is one of the cutest and most festive place to be at this time of the year. The whole town is sumptuously decorated. Santa Claus, Polar Bears, Elves all dance together around shop windows, Christmas markets are set up a bit everywhere, the Cathedral is illuminated at night and the wonderful perfume of mulled wine regns over the whole city… a magical experience! Continue reading

I reached.. the Nirvana of Sushis!

Kaitenzushi Heirokuzushi Omotesando Sushi Bar Tokyo

Last night, we went to visit Omotesando, a very hip and trendy area in Tokyo, to try one of the “Kaitenzushi“, a conveyor belt sushi bar. One of the best moment in my life!

How does it work? Well you just sit, fill up your cup of matcha powder and hot water to prepare your green tea (the bar has boiling water tap at each seat..). And watch the dishes go by as you mentally prepare to eat all of them. Each plate is color-coded. Pink was Continue reading

Japanese Zen Gardens

Japanese Zen Garden

I flew to Japan right after China (which is the right way to do it.. don’t ever do China after Japan!) Many things amazed me in Japan: their exceptional food traditions, their crazy perspectives on things, their fashion and style (more on this tomorrow) but, the number one thing which amazed me the most, out of everything, was the incredible beauty of the Japanese Zen Gardens. Continue reading

Beijing by Night!

Beijing by Night

Beijing by Night.. is not at all what I was expecting! It is actually very cool. In parallel to the stylished old tea houses (where you can play games and watch puppet theater.. a real “travel back in time” experience), it is full of super cool young and trendy places. One of them is Houhai Lake. The whole lakeshore is full of restaurants and bars with live singers where you can sit, enjoy the music and gaze over the lake to watch the hundreds of floating candles Continue reading

Provence, France

On the Road in Provence!

The other day we took the car for a little road trip through Provence. We visited the “Pont du Gard“, an aqueduct bridge dating back from the Roman Empire which crosses the gorgeous Gardon River, Baux-en-Provence, one of the cutest Provencal village, perched on top of a hill, Daudet’s windmill.. the whole area is crazily beautiful!
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