Halloween Make Up

Halloween Make Ups By Make Up For Ever – I

With Halloween approaching fast, I want to start to show you a few of the Halloween make up techniques which the Make Up For Ever team taught us the other time at Sephora. Today, let’s start with the easiest to do.. and to wear! ;) From fake blood to fake skin, here are a few fun and easy horrifying ideas for this year!

Halloween Make Up

The material you need is quite basic: foundation, black/white/red shades and a tube of fake blood (don’t worry, it does dry and won’t damage your clothes!). If you want to take it slightly more fun/advanced and create a 3D peeling skin effect… invest in a tube of liquid latex too and get some tissue paper. After do, as shown below!

Halloween Make Up

Apply a bit of liquid latex on the skin (it acts as a glue) and then a few pieces of tissue paper. This is the base for the 3D peeling skin effect.

Halloween Make Up

After, just camouflage the paper with foundation. Then start to paint in red, black, white.. to create the perfect rotting flesh wound. Lastly, apply a bit of fake blood.

Halloween Make Up

Not bad no?

Halloween Make Up

You can of course create open wounds on your body for just a little fun touch.. or on your face if you are more adventurous.

Halloween Make Up

You can also create a “skin burn by hot water” effect. Just apply the fake blood with your fingers as shown above. Then adjust and paint the rest of the effect with the foundation and black and white shades.

Halloween Make Up

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Happy Halloween preparations!

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