Halloween Make Up

My Halloween Make up Transformation!

As promised, here are now pictures of.. my Halloween make up transformation! The fantastic team of Make Up For Ever created a make up which is, on one side, a beautiful 80s disco fushia makeup.. and on the other side.. an awful skeleton.. with a very bad mouth!! Watch these step-by-step pictures to follow the full transformation!

Halloween Make Up

Ilaria applied some tissue paper (using liquid latex to fix it on the skin as I was explaining you the other day) on that part of my face which was to become the “skeleton” and start to apply beautiful make up on the other part..Halloween Make Up

At this point, I was very happy cause my eyes – sorry I should say my eye – never looked so good. But then she started to work on the other side.. applying black, white, yellow, green colours (all the super flattering ones basically) to paint it like a skeleton.
Halloween Make Up

Halloween Make Up

That’s when I started to look really strange..Halloween Make Up

Halloween Make Up

She finished off applying some fake blood to make it even more ghastly (cause you see it was not scary enough before).. and this is the result! Me, with one good, one bad face!! Ha ha.. which one do you prefer? :)Halloween Make Up

Halloween Make Up

Halloween Make Up

Halloween Make Up

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