Beijing Modern Architect – By Night!

On the second night in Beijing, we took a night tour to visit a couple of Beijing‘s most impressive and most talked-about pieces of modern architecture these last years: the Bird’s Nest, the world famous Olympic Stadium (which let me remind you contains 100,000 seats..), the Water Cube, the Olympic Aquatics Center (which in daylight shines as a translucent blue cube but, at night, the glow of its LED bubbles creates a spectacular visual effect!) and the National Center for Performing Arts, a gigantic titanium shell designed by architect Paul Andreu, which seems to float like an island at the center of a lake... The effect is breathtaking!

And when you remind yourself that all of these are located in a city which is over 3,000 years old.. am definitely most impressed!

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Bird's Nest, National Stadium

The Water Cube

The Water Cube

National Center for Performing Arts

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