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Coco Chanel’s Pyjamas

Coco Chanel Pyjama

I have been obsessing lately over the perfect pyjamas (something symbolic of my level of activity this month..) when I fell across the “Coco” from Olivia von Halle.

I knew Olivia von Halle’s super chic pyjamas line (if you do not know her yet, have a look at her website – the ad campaigns are super nice) and could not resist falling in love when I saw this special model inspired by the one Coco Chanel used to borrow from her lover in the 1920s (and featured on Audrey Tautou in Coco Avant Chanel).

By the way: did you know that it was Coco Chanel who made this type of pyjamas available for women – before her, women were only wearing these sort of nightdresses which I hate because I like to wear something on my legs when lounging at home… One more reason to love her!

Happy weekend!

Coco Pyjama Set, £210


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coco chanel pyjamas olivia von halle

coco chanel pyjamas olivia von halle