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New Summer Trend: Glitter Liners!

chanel make up sparkling eye

My favourite make up at Paris Couture Week this year was the sensational sparkling eyes that Peter Philips created for Chanel:

A thick, matt black eye liner on the upper lid and sparkling glitter liner on the lower!

Have a look at these gorgeous backstage pics and make sure you stock up on glitter liners this summer. The trend is announced to be huge!

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Chanel No 5 Perfume Clutch DIY Tutorial

chanel n5 clutch

What could be more on the Christmas wish list of a beauty blogger than the new Chanel No 5 perfume bottle clutch!

First spotted on the catwalk of the Chanel Cruise 13 collection, this bag is now available in store and its release is already creating some serious likes on Instagram. The hard part – for the lucky ones who are able to afford it – is to choose between the two available versions: clear or black? Luckily for the rest of us, Alana, the blogger behind Dreams Creates created a super easy DIY tutorial to create your own Chanel No 5 perfume clutch! Check it out!

DIY Chanel No 5 Perfume Bottle Clutch 

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Inside the Jewellery Collection of a Parisian Chic Girl!

jewellery collection parisian chicDeveloping the right jewellery collection requires skills. And no one is better at this than my friend MA, a notable Parisian chic girl.

Born and raised in the 16th arrondissement of Paris (the French upper east side!), she likes chic and elegant pieces. Over the years she managed to collect all the main pieces from luxe jewellers like the H and the Hapi bracelets from Hermes (quadruple wrap of course), the Trinity ring from Cartier, pearls from Tiffanys, cocktail earrings from Chanel or even a fabulous diamond parure for her city soirées. She choose the best out of each designer without mistake and that’s what I like.

Here is a glimpse into her fab collection.

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Packing for.. Paris!

what to pack for paris

Follow the sales where they are” has always been a big inspirational mantra in my life ;).. so this weekend, I am off to Paris as Paris sales started just this Wednesday. Hopefully the (chic) Parisians will have leave me a few bits.. Let’s see. And, I know: too bad for the hot men models who are going to invade Milan just tomorrow (Milan Men Fashion Week is from 12-15 January). I’ll (try to) catch up with them on Monday! I had my eye on the Versace show in particular (for obvious reasons)..

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French Manucure, Winter Style!

French Manucure, Winter Style!

Yesterday night I decided to stay home as it was so cold outside.. perfect occasion for a long hot bath, catching up on my (big) pile of magazines.. and also the perfect occasion to try on this “new” sort of French manucure which I have seen in all magazines for a while now.. the “colored French Manucure” (or whatever they call it)! Continue reading