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Jewellery I want for St Valentine..

Halcyons Days Bangle

When Emma Elwick-Bates, the super stylish shopping editor of British Vogue, came to speak at our school last year, I could not help but stare at the pile of Hermes enamel bangles she had on her wrist.

Everything that Hermes does is of course absolutely exquisite but I loved the way Emma styled them: she just wore like at least 5 or 6 of them at the same time. All the same. The simple ones. Just in different colours.

Of course not everyone can afford 5 Hermes bangles.. including me. So when I discovered that Halcyons Days was doing enamel bangles just as amazing as the Hermes ones but for 1/4 of the price.. I was in heaven.

So yes, this year, all I want for St Valentine is at least one bangle from Halcyons Days.. to hopefully start my own little collection too.

Have a look!


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Inside the Jewellery Collection of a Parisian Chic Girl!

jewellery collection parisian chicDeveloping the right jewellery collection requires skills. And no one is better at this than my friend MA, a notable Parisian chic girl.

Born and raised in the 16th arrondissement of Paris (the French upper east side!), she likes chic and elegant pieces. Over the years she managed to collect all the main pieces from luxe jewellers like the H and the Hapi bracelets from Hermes (quadruple wrap of course), the Trinity ring from Cartier, pearls from Tiffanys, cocktail earrings from Chanel or even a fabulous diamond parure for her city soirées. She choose the best out of each designer without mistake and that’s what I like.

Here is a glimpse into her fab collection.

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Spirited Jewellery!

CARATIME La Mome Bijou collier Vitarka 484 €

Need a little helper to remind you to stick to these new years resolutions I know you all religiously made (or just a new excuse to explain to your boyfriend that no, January is not a shopping detox month and that yes.. right after Christmas, there is still a little something for you to shop (am talking in addition to the sales and pre-S/S collections of course?!)?

Here is my jewellery crush this week: a collection of spirited jewellery with empowering and inspiring messages to remind us maybe of our secret goals or just simply remind us to spread positive energy and good karma around us during our days. Joke apart, I once gave a similar one to a friend of mine after a tough breakup. She wore it every single day till she met her new boyfriend.. and even after as her secret good luck grigri (that is French for “charm”).

Wishing you love, peace and happiness…

Collection from French Designer La Mome Bijou

Available online at Caratime
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Haute Jewellery: Rubinia!

Rubinia Gioielli Milano

Do you remember the fabulous jewels that the models were wearing at the Charity Ball the other night in Milan? Well, the name of the designer is actually Rubinia and I had the great pleasure of meeting their team the other week at the very chic White Christmas Party of via Monti (a now traditional not-to-be-missed event here in Milan for Christmas). Here are all the pictures of these stunning creations.. the perfect pieces to chic up your cocktail game this holidays season! Continue reading

Personalised Jewellery!

Sometimes in life you meet a truly unique person, who’s life inspire you. That was the case with make-up-artist-turnedjewellery-designer Cinzia. After more than 15 years of experience working as top make up artist on movies set, catwalks backstage, commercial campaign, and one big collaboration with a top model agency, Continue reading