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Top Tips for your Manicure!

Forget your bags and shoes: nail polishes have become the trendy accessory to wear this season! To find your way through the hundreds of combinations of colours and techniques possible this summer, here is a little guide and a few very interesting tips which I learnt at the Max Factor Make Up School event the other day – and never heard before!

  • What are this summer’s trends and colours?

One of the trends which I adore this year is to have one finger/toe of a different colour or shade than the others. Check it out below!

Max Factor Glossfinity

Max Factor Glossfinity, Sunset Orange and Disco Pink

You can do this on one finger/toe only, or on several. With just a different shade (for a more subtle look) or a completely different colour (for a more flashy result), depending on the style you want to have!

Max Factor Glossfinity

Max Factor Glossfinity, Cerise and Disco Pink

You can also try a more sophisticated nail art effect and make geometrical shapes, half moon, etc on each of your nail/toe.

Max Factor Glossfinity

What are the must have colours this summer? All the deep blue, petrol, green hues..

Max Factor Glossfinity

Max Factor Glossfinity, Cool Jade, Aqua Marine and Candy Blue

or the bright tangerine, corals and pink!

Max Factor Glossfinity

Max Factor Mini Polish Max Effect, Satsuma and Disco Pink

  • What are the basic colours to have all year long?

These are the four colours you need to have if you are more a classical girl!

Max Factor Glossfinity, Amethyst, Marshmallow, Ruby Fruit and Pearly Pink

Max Factor Glossfinity, Amethyst, Marshmallow, Ruby Fruit and Pearly Pink

More traditional way to coordinate your nail polishes, is to coordinate the colours of your hand and feet (with preferably, two different shades of the same colour) or coordinating your nail to your lipstick. Always very classic chic!

Now.. these are a few absolutely crazy tips I got from the Max Factor make up artists team last time at the Max Factor make up school event:

  • Top tip to make your colour extra shinny!

Instead of applying two layers of the same colour.. try putting one layer of white or beige first, and then your colour! This will lighten up your colour big time and make it extra shinning! Similarly, you can mix a layer of bright pink and a layer of red or mix a layer of green and deep blue! Just try.. if you love glossy, ‘lacque effect‘ like me, you will become crazy with this tip!

Max Factor Glossfinity

Max Factor Glossfinity, Red Passion

  • Never ever blow on your nails when trying to dry them off! This will just make the polish thicker and take more time!
  • Is there a way to make your fingers look longer and slimmer?

Actually (and while, ok, we are not plastic surgeons here..), yes there are! First of all, wear dark colours! Dark red, bordeaux, black.. all make your fingers and hand look longer and hence slilmmer (just like with clothes!). Light pink, white pearl etc will on the other hand make your hands look a bit shorter. And secondly, do not apply the nail polish on all the nail but leave a little bit of space on each side! With a little empty lign on each side, your nail will look longer too!

I hope that by now that you all feel “in the know” manucure expert! ;) Thanks again to the Max Factor team for all these tips!

If you want to shop any of the colours that you saw above, go on their website here. Most of their colours are available in two format: a classical/big one and a mini one – which I found particularly convenient to take with me when travelling or to try on ‘trendy summer’ colours which I am not sure I will use beyond the summer! xx

5 thoughts on “Top Tips for your Manicure!

  1. Anne

    MERCI beaucoup !!!
    Dire que j’ai un vernis trop clair Chanel dont je me demandais bien quoi faire… tes tips vont le faire devenir number one des sous-couches : Youpi !


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