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The Cannes Lions Festival & Google Beach Parties: Insider Report!

cannes lion

My friend Anna is amazing. She works in a digital agency in Moscow, has perfect legs, speaks Russian-English-Italian fluently, blogs on her spare time and recently travelled to Cannes to attend… the Cannes Lions Festival, the world’s biggest festival for creative communications industry! Needless to say, I asked her to report on it!


So I guess right now right here – while waiting for my connection flight to Moscow in Zurich and trying to sober up from all the rose I had during past 5 days – is the best time to tell you my story of Cannes Lions

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How to walk the Red Carpet in Cannes!

how to walk the red carpet in cannes film festival

Little wouou: I am in Cannes for the Film Festival and manage to get a ticket for tonight’s show! This means.. I will be walking up the red carpet!!

I just called some of my friends who already did it and apparently it is no big deal. Every one can do it, it is just like going to the cinema, blablabla.. I don’t care… I am very happy and excited to see what’s going on once inside.

Photo diary of how I got my ticket. In case you feel like trying too! ;) x

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