mini cooper

In Milan, where else?

Hello my lovelies! The other day while walking in Milan, I saw this mini cooper… which had fake eyelashes! Ahaha.. this could only  happen in Milan of course!! I was not sure whether to classify this post into my ‘beauty’ or ‘art’ category.. I opted for ‘art’ at the end.. cause come on, you have to give some credit to the people who imagined it ;)

mini cooper

mini cooper

Tonight I am off to Cannes for the festival!! I hope to be able to report back from there on everything that will happen this weekend, but otherwise, worth case, I promise you’ll get a full report on Monday. Happy weekend to all of you!

4 thoughts on “In Milan, where else?

  1. Anne

    The first time I see a cute car ! She’s so pretty ;)
    Merci pour ce clin d’oeil. Je mets ça sur Pinterest…

  2. Le blog de Jade

    J’adore! J’en avais déjà vu une à Paris. L’idée des cils est géniale. J’aimerais trouver les mêmes pour ma voiture… Enfin, il faut oser…




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