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Max Factor’s #Selfeye


Max Factor makes some of the best budget mascaras on the market so I am always quite excited when they release a new one. And their new “Excess Volume Extreme Impact” mascara, launched this year, promised to be, despite its long complicated name, a really interesting product.

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A Day at Max Factor’s Make Up School!

Max Factor Make Up School

The other week, I attended one of my favourite beauty events of the year: a new session of Max Factor‘s Make Up School!

The event was organised in the beautiful gardens of the Sheraton Diane Majestic hotel in Milan and the lesson was given by one of my make up gurusRajan Tolomei. Rajan is a top Make Up Artist (in fact he is even Creative Director for Max Factor Italy) and I love to hear him speak about new make up trends, how women should feel like about themselves and learn his (expert) tricks. He is actually sharing many of his tricks and vision on Max Factor Blog. If interested, join in the Max Club here!

Here are all the pictures of the event as well as a quick guide on Max Factor’s new Spring/Summer collection and how we created a hot and sexy summer make up with them.
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Oppa Zermatt Style!

ZermattZermatt is not the sort of ski resort you can go unprepared fashion or beauty wise.. Here is a little photo-summary of the best fashion accessories and beauty products I saw going on in Zermatt last weekend. All pics from my Instagram account!
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Max Factor 2000 Calories Mascara

Happy Bday to the 2000 Calorie Mascara!

The other day, at the Max Factor Make Up School, the Max Factor MUA team presented me their special… 2000 calorie mascara! I have to say that I got quite intrigued by this curious name…  but it is not till today, when my old Diorshow mascara died, that I decided to try this new one out! So.. what is this mascara all about?

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Max Factor Glossfinity

Top Tips for your Manicure!

Forget your bags and shoes: nail polishes have become the trendy accessory to wear this season! To find your way through the hundreds of combinations of colours and techniques possible this summer, here is a little guide and a few very interesting tips which I learnt at the Max Factor Make Up School event the other day – and never heard before! Continue reading