Life’s Little Pleasures..

manicure nail art

Let me introduce you to the two new loves of my life (at least till next week): my Indian dream-catcher necklace and this new nail polish colour, a “marshmallow” pink.

manicure nail art

manicure nail art

manicure nail artAs you know, I adore to mix jewellery.. so here you have, starting from the left, my Mini-Oui ring from Dior (a micro diamond ring.. the biggest (and only) diamond I succeeded to extract from my boyfriend.. so far!), the Trinity ring from Cartier I got from my parents for my 30th bday (yes, I  am slightly over 30 since a few short little time..), and a ring for the little finger which I shopped in my last trip in Japan.

manicure nail art

manicure nail art

I borrowed the two bracelets from my friend D (I happened to be shooting at her place that afternoon). Two wonderful pieces of classic chic: a gold gourmette and gold jonc (that she got respectively for the birth of her twins and her holy communion). Classic timeless pieces great to add or mix with absolutely anything.

manicure nail art

The Indian dream-catcher necklace is Mexican designer Miguel Tinajca. I can’t remember where I shopped the long gold chain.. Anyway, hope this necklace will make my dreams come true.. (please Gisele Bunchen get out of this body!)

manicure nail art

Nail Polish is “Marshmallow” Glossfinity from Max Factor. Very cute!

Max Factor Glossfinity Marshmallow

That’s it for today. Dont forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter if you’d like to see more pics!

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