Nail Rehab

nail rehab

Do you find your nails are looking rubbish lately? If you have been constantly wearing nail polish this winter, it is time to think about a nail rehab. A few days sans verni will do the trick but if you feel you need an extra boost, cut your nails as short as they will go and start this 5-steps recovery program.

huile abricot dior

Huile d’Abricot, Dior, £19

Dior’s cult Crème Abricot is now available as a lighter, daily serum treatment. Huile Abricot intensely nourishes, smoothes and strengthens nails while deeply rehydrating cuticles. Apply and massage on your cuticles everyday.

sally hansen nail rehab

Nail Rehab, Sally Hansen, £9.95

An innovative nail treatment that helps strengthen weak nails, this sheer pink protective treatment instantly bonds and seals the weak layers of the nails. A real CC cream for nails!

Available in April 2014 at Boots

zo skin health night hand cream

Zo Skin Health Oraser Overnight Hand Recovery Cream, £42

Soften your cuticles and fight pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles on your hand with this unique combination of retinol, powerful antioxidants, and rich emollients. Generously smooth into hands and wrists before bedtime.

Available on

bliss glamour gloves

Bliss Glamour Gloves, £36.80

One of the best hand gloves I tried, Bliss’s Glamour Gloves contain a self activating gel lining with vitamin E, olive and grapeseed oils to soften, moisturise and de-line hands.

Nail Supplement Biotin

Biotin, Solgar, £6.45

Biotin (Vitamin B7) is the essential vitamin you need to strengthen and grow your nails. If you are Biotin deficient, you may see your nails becoming brittle. If your nail are brittled or weak, it start a 3 month cure.

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