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Biennale di Venezia: The Human Distiller!

biennale venezia human distiller

The 55th edition of the Biennale di Venezia just opened yesterday! The whole who’s who of contemporary art flew over there for its opening and major international art exhibitions will take place in various venues in the city from June 1st to November 24th, 2013. Time for me to share a few exhibitions which I found particularly interesting. Today.. the Human Distiller!

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The Hotel of Justin Timberlake’s Wedding!


Morning everyone! Sorry I did not give much news last week but I was on holidays touring Puglia!

Puglia is one of my favourite areas in Italy. It is completely in the south. If you think of Italy as a boot, it is properly the heel of the boot! The whole area is truly a dream. So much that Condè Nast Traveler US elected last year Apulia as one of the world’s 20 most beautiful tourist destinations and was the only Italian entry… and that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel choose it to get married over there last year! Why? Cause Puglia has it all: in addition to  sumptuous beaches and villages (several of them classified as world heritage by the UNESCO), you can play golf, tennis, do some cycling or trekking through the olive fields or go explore the national parks around the beach coast. Puglia is really a dream. A dream holiday destination.

But enough said now. Place to the pictures of this incredible hotel where Justiiiiin got married. The hotel is called Borgo Egnazia. It is a five-star L hotel with stunning views of Roman ruins and the Mediterranean sea. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake booked the entire resort which includes 63 rooms, 28 villas with their own swimming pools, a cigar lounge, a reading room, obviously a gorgeous spa, olive tree or jasmine gardens, a beach club, a cooking school and many other things.. Needless to say, these guys have taste. ;)

Happy summer everyone!


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Perfect Place where to Detox (and Retox): Bormio!


The other weekend, we went to Bormio, a small romantic town here in Italy famous for its ski resort… and spas! The spas (one of which dates back from the first century B.C.!) were amazing. You could immerse in hot thermal water in different baths and pools situated on a big sunny garden (with gorgeous views over the Italian Alps!) or try things like a natural steam sauna in a cave inside. Continue reading

Food and Shopping in Paris – Part II

le bon marche paris

Today: second part of my little shopping and food extravaganza in Paris last weekend!

First of all, as you can all witness on the picture above, my shopping was extremely minimalistic that day (however, as you ladies all very well know, “the smaller the shopping bag, the more dangerous..“).

On that second day, I headed up straight to Le Bon Marche, an iconic Parisian shop dating back from 1838! (Point to note: department stores are usually closed in Paris on Sundays except before Christmas and this year for the Sales).

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Paris Food and Shopping Guide – Part 1

galleries lafayette paris

I am back from my little shopping and food spree in Paris (sorry but I had no internet connection over there) and so today, without further delay, I want to share with you pics of my weekend.. as well as a little personal guide of my favourite addresses in Paris!

The Galleries Lafayette is one of the most beautiful shops in the world. Going there is like mixing shopping and sightseeing (i.e. your argument to your boyfriend). If you need more points to argue, point out that the Art Nouveau dome and steel staircases actually date back from 1912 and are true masterpieces of this god-so-famous Belle Epoque of Paris and that not seeing it would be like missing the Eiffel Tower (which you can see even better from far!). Just do not mention that there are something like 7 floors (plus a basement full of shoes sales at the moment).

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Packing for.. Paris!

what to pack for paris

Follow the sales where they are” has always been a big inspirational mantra in my life ;).. so this weekend, I am off to Paris as Paris sales started just this Wednesday. Hopefully the (chic) Parisians will have leave me a few bits.. Let’s see. And, I know: too bad for the hot men models who are going to invade Milan just tomorrow (Milan Men Fashion Week is from 12-15 January). I’ll (try to) catch up with them on Monday! I had my eye on the Versace show in particular (for obvious reasons)..

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Driving up the Romantic Road, Through Castles and Swans!

Ludwig Castles

As you may already know, my boyfriend and I decided to do a road trip just before Christmas on what is known as the “Romantic Road“, in Bavaria. The Romantic Road takes you through the picturesque mountains and villages of Bavaria and the castles of King Ludwig II (Sisi’s cousin), Hohenschwangau, Neuschwanstein (which was the model for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle!), and Linderhof (yes, I know.. their names, on the other hand, could be a bit more romantic ;) Joke apart, with its charming castles, swans swimming in lakes and birds singing in the forests, Bavaria is a true land of fairy tales! Here are all the pictures.

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