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A Dream Italian Wedding!

Wedding in Bergamo

Last weekend I was invited to a gorgeous party in Bergamo, in the countryside of Milan, to celebrate the wedding of two very good friends of mine.

The newly wed couple is Italiano-American. The wedding took place in an old Italian castle mixing references to both American and Italian weddings (with for example a traditional Bergamese buffet with polenta and cured meat.. but also a big American BBQ on the lawn!).

The bride had suggested a dress code for the day (polka dot or flowers!) Continue reading

A Woman’s Wedding Shoes!

Rene Caovilla wedding shoei

Today I want to make a little “spotlight” on a very special piece in a women wardrobe: her wedding shoes!

Whether you want them as high as the sky or short and comfy to accompany you through the day, the choice is a tough one. One of my friends had one of the most beautiful pairs I ever saw: a “jewel shoes” pair from Rene Caovilla, an historic shoemaker from Venise. Known as “sculptor” in the business, Continue reading

Wedding in Puglia

Wedding in Puglia!

Good morning ladies! Today I am very excited cause I want to share with you pictures of the amazing wedding I attended the other weekend in Puglia, South of Italy (properly the ‘heel’ of Italy!). The place of the reception was spectacular, the night hot, the buffet abundant in true “South of Italy” style.. it really was a magical night. Vive les maries!

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