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How to Rock a Scarf : The Tie Knot!

How to Tie a Hermes Scarf The Bow TieSo I am now back home from what trendy people call “Fashion Month” (people do not say “Fashion Weeks” anymore but “Fashion Month” as yes, technically, it lasts about a month and it is chicer to show that you attended all of them and not just one of course..)

And as I promise you the other week when I showed you the special Carnival de Venise scarf from Hermes, here is a quick (and easy) new tutorial to show you how to rock your scarves (= how to tie them in a cool way).

This time with a Tie Knot. Here are the pictures. I did not put any comment as, hopefully, it is self explanatory (if you have any question, don’t hesitate to just leave a msg!). Continue reading

How to rock a Hermes scarf!

Today I decided to be a bit patriotic (France‘s national day is slowly approaching) and dedicate a post to one of our prouds: the Hermes scarf!

Not that I am an expert at all (am sure there are many more expert French girls out there – pls girls just show you and share your tips!), but I want to show you one of my favourite way to wear it… which is also an 1) easy and 2) realistic way to wear it. Continue reading