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A Dream Italian Wedding!

Wedding in Bergamo

Last weekend I was invited to a gorgeous party in Bergamo, in the countryside of Milan, to celebrate the wedding of two very good friends of mine.

The newly wed couple is Italiano-American. The wedding took place in an old Italian castle mixing references to both American and Italian weddings (with for example a traditional Bergamese buffet with polenta and cured meat.. but also a big American BBQ on the lawn!).

The bride had suggested a dress code for the day (polka dot or flowers!) Continue reading

Campari Calendar Reveal Party feat Penelope Cruz!

Campari Calendar Reveal Party Penelope Cruz

Yesterday night was the Campari Calendar Reveal Party, i.e. the party which Campari organised to reveal their new calendar for 2013. What I knew was that Penelope Cruz was the “star” of the calendar.. what I did not know is that she was going to come to the party as well!!

A friend of mine works as a set costume designer in NYC (hence works with many stars on set) Continue reading

Italian Fashion Bloggers Party at Just Cavalli

OK people… so I promised you to make effort to dress UP.. and tonight was the perfect night cause I was attending the Italian Fashion Bloggers Party at the Just Cavalli Cafe, here in Milan. Yes, the Just Cavalli Cafe is the night club (and restaurant) owned by Roberto Cavalli and, in true Cavalli spirit, it is full of animal prints, flamboyant glass crystal chandeliers and exotic flowers. Continue reading