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The Day I became a Stylist! ;)

Paola Frani Spring Summer 12-13Which Fashionista did not dream of becoming a Stylist one day? At the same time, while this profession of course always appealed to me (this means free clothes and bags right? ;), I always sort of wonder what does a Stylist really do… put clothes and accessories together? Pfff.. how difficult could this be? Don’t we all do it everyday, some of us in less than 5 mn?

Well, the other day, Italian Designer Paola Frani and her team had the great idea to arrange a day for us to come play the Stylist at her Showroom in Milan with all the clothes and accessories she designed for her new Spring / Summer Collection. Everything was there: 2 gorgeous models, a professional photographer, a shooting set, the whole Spring / Summer Collection.. all waiting for us me to “make it happen”: Continue reading

Spring/Summer 2013: Paola Frani or the New Californian Dream!

Paola Frani Spring Summer 2013

Happy Monday ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. But now, it is “back to work” and to start the week, I want to share with you pictures of the LookBook of an Italian designer I discovered the other week during the Press Days in Milan. Her name is Paola Frani.. and her Spring/Summer Collection 2013 is all about the New Californian Dream, exotic and punk. I fell in love with the powder colours code she used and her scuba-effect bandeau-skirt… a real ray of Californian sunshine for any wardrobe!

Paola Frani has flagship stores mainly in Japan (Kyoto, Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, etc) and in Italy (Milan and Capri) but for all info, check out her website www.paolafrani.com

Tomorrow, I will show you the pictures of her showroom here in Milan and of the Stylist Job I had the pleasure to do over there! Continue reading

“Press Day Week” in Milan!

This week is a bit mad here in Milan cause it is what I call “Press Day Week”: the week where showrooms decide to present the new Spring Summer 2012 Collections.. almost all together at the same time! ;) So I have been running between one showroom and the other, uptown and downtown, in heels, ok I jumped in the car of my friend Valentina from Zagu Fashion at some point but still.. trying to squeeze in everything in one day Continue reading