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The Day I Fitted into the Jeans of my Teenage Years (and Other Stuffs)


Big day today: I still fit into (or at least managed to enter into and zipped up) the jeans I was wearing  when I was 15 years old!! 17 years later. Ok it is (extremely stretchable (obviously)) but still. I only have one word: Champagne! ;)
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New Year’s Eve Make Up Ideas #1!

Nee Make UpWith Christmas and New Year’s Eve approaching fast now, I decided to ask around all my favourite make up artists and brands for phenomenal yet effortless make up tricks and ideas! Today, let’s start with Nee Make Up and their amazing “burgundy” make up (a fabulous colour for green and blue coloured eyes and light skin tone!) and their very professional long-lasting products for a perfect skin glow. Continue reading