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Spirited Jewellery!

CARATIME La Mome Bijou collier Vitarka 484 €

Need a little helper to remind you to stick to these new years resolutions I know you all religiously made (or just a new excuse to explain to your boyfriend that no, January is not a shopping detox month and that yes.. right after Christmas, there is still a little something for you to shop (am talking in addition to the sales and pre-S/S collections of course?!)?

Here is my jewellery crush this week: a collection of spirited jewellery with empowering and inspiring messages to remind us maybe of our secret goals or just simply remind us to spread positive energy and good karma around us during our days. Joke apart, I once gave a similar one to a friend of mine after a tough breakup. She wore it every single day till she met her new boyfriend.. and even after as her secret good luck grigri (that is French for “charm”).

Wishing you love, peace and happiness…

Collection from French Designer La Mome Bijou

Available online at Caratime
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