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How I got the Hang of Juice Cleanse (yes.. ME!)


I never ever dieted in my life…  till last month.

While working at Vogue in December, the team received a pack of juices from a juice cleanse company. It was 10.30 am, I had a nice breakfast so was not particularly hungry. However, I am one of those persons who can not refuse free food (or in this case “juice”) so, since I got the chance to try them, I grabbed one, thinking it would be a nice juice in addition to my normal meals.

1.00 pm came, I was not feeling hungry. I was quite amused to feel this way as I normally never miss a meal. But since I really was not hungry, I decided to wait till I feel hungry later. When I felt slightly hungry later around 4pm, instead of eating solid food, I took another juice. And so forth.. till 48 hours later.

Not only was I surprised to discover that I was one of these persons actually capable of “juicing” but I also got to understand why people do it: because you DO FEEL ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Really I felt like running a marathon, I was so full of energy, I felt sort of under ecstasy..

I thought a lot about it and concluded that there must 3 reasons why I felt this way:

  • since you do not eat solid food, your stomach and intestines do not have to do their digestion work – no digestion to make you feel heavy or sleepy (anyone ever felt heavy and sleepy on their desk right after lunch at 2 pm?)
  • the juices are extracted from the most energetic vegetables and fruits that exist (kale, spinach, carrots, etc) – basically it is like drinking pure shots of vitamin C, D etc. No wonder you feel a boost of energy!
  • I immediately felt more skinny in my jeans and realised after that I had lost almost 2 kilos. I also never had a flat stomach in my life (I am more of a “curvy” girl) and that, by itself, made me feel so happy. Though I do have to say that you will gain back the weight. Juice cleanse is to detox your intestines and liver, it is not a diet.

Since that day, I completely changed my mind about juice cleanse and am now swearing by the virtue of a (short) juice cleanse here and then in the year. All I want to do is do another one soon!

In my next post, I am going to tell you which juice cleanse company I tried and which one does the best cleanse in my opinion. Stay tune!