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Friday Joke

Ladies, sorry for the slight lack of communication this week but I am back home heavily concentrating on.. my driving exam (theoretical part next Monday)!! Have a little prayer for me if you can and in the meantime, here is the Friday Joke. Happy weekend everyone!

Headache, via Pinterest

Headache, via Pinterest

Friday Joke

Hello ladies, after Cannes, I am actually off to Berlin this weekend for a crazy hen night with friends! I don’t know if I will be able to blog from there.. let’s see. But in the meantime, here is the now famous Friday Joke! Except that this time, it is not that much a joke but rather…. a chart explaining you the coded languages of fans! I saw this the other day on the very great blog Chic and Geek of my friend Anne (and Paolo). Because as Anne said: forget your manicure and bags, this summer’s accessories is going to be.. fans! ;)

Duvelleroy: the Langage of Fans

Duvelleroy: the Langage of Fans

To read the whole article which Anne made on the amazing Duvelleroy fans, click here. Happy a nice weekend everyone!

Francis Ford Coppola Hotel

Francis Ford Coppola’s Palazzo in Italy!

Hum.. I don’t know what you are dreaming about this Sunday.. but me, it is about going to the new hotel that Francis Ford Coppola opened in south of Italy (must be my summer hormones!). Francis Coppola indeed completely restored, with French super star interior designer Jacques Grange, an old 19th century palazzo Continue reading

The Lobster

Costume Options for Carnival: Anna Wintour (and Others..)

For all those going to a Carnival Party this weekend, here is a little selection of outfits to inspire you..

Option 1: As a true Fashionista, of course, you could go as an Anna Wintour. The avantage with this option is that you will be able to re-use absolutely all its accessories, i,e., you will need to go shopping for a new fur, a new dress, sunglasses etc ;)  Continue reading

Fabulous Closets

Fab Dream Closets!

Hello ladies and a very happy St Valentine to you all! What are you up to tonight.. but, more importantly, what are you going to WEAR tonight??  I choose something classic chic.. but with one spicy detail ;) Ahaha.. well, I’ll try to post pictures of my outfit later on this week.. so more on this later.. but in the meantime, this week, I am also v. excited cause this week is the week I started my new Interior Decoration class at the very trendy NABA school here in Milan! Continue reading