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Saturday’s Markets in Milan!

As I decided to do a bit of dieting in the next few days, I went today to the market to get some fresh products. But the thing you have to understand when I say “fresh products” – and what I love about markets in Milan! – is that it really means all sort of fresh fruits, vegetables.. and Prada shoes! Continue reading

Shopping addresses in Milan – Part I: the Center

Today I prepared a little shopping guide of Milan for those of you who are coming for the sales. I could not cover everything in one post (and be realistic, you neither if you are coming just for one weekend!) so I decided to start with my favourite addresses in the city center. A good base to start with. Happy sales! Continue reading

Fashion shooting with the Italian Fashion Bloggers

Bonsoir everyone!

I now recovered from my weekend and hence want to tell you a bit more about the fashion shooting that the Italian Fashion Bloggers organised yesterday in a cool studio in Milan. Well, it was all good fun!  There was tons of cool sponsors: first of all, Cosmopolitan, which if I understood correctly might put some of the pictures we took in their online magazine..  Continue reading

Italian Fashion Bloggers Party at Just Cavalli

OK people… so I promised you to make effort to dress UP.. and tonight was the perfect night cause I was attending the Italian Fashion Bloggers Party at the Just Cavalli Cafe, here in Milan. Yes, the Just Cavalli Cafe is the night club (and restaurant) owned by Roberto Cavalli and, in true Cavalli spirit, it is full of animal prints, flamboyant glass crystal chandeliers and exotic flowers. Continue reading

Outlet Stores in Milan

I have only been living in Milan for just a bit less than a year now.. but if you want my opinion, I think that the reason why Milanese people dress up in super chic designer outfits so much is not only because they are all terribly rich.. but also because the city (and surroundings) seems to be full of factory outlet shops! Of course, with all the factories of these amazing fashion houses so close, they should be loads of great bargains to do! So in between two looks and travel adventures – and also because I know that some of you are going to come for the sales (wouou!!) and hence need good addresses! – I decided to now also take you for a little tour of the outlets I know. Continue reading

What to wear for Bob Dylan’s concert?

It’s crazy. I have been to ONE concert in Milan since I moved there (about a year ago now) and suddently I go to TWO concerts one just after the other.. you must think I am crazy! But nope, just pure chance..

So.. after Romeo & Juliette at the Scala (Milan’s Opera house) on Tuesday (see the post here), what could I wear for Bob Dylan‘s concert at the Alcatraz (famous concert place here in Milan.. not too big, which I love!) last night? Continue reading

Bohemian Summer Shawl in Navigli

Today I went with my girlfriends to a charity sale in Navigli. Navigli is sort of Milan’s dock area, i.e. the only area in Milan which still has canals (Milan was full of them in the past.. picture something a bit like Venice). Old washouses which are now artist studios or antique shops board the canals (bars and restaurants take over in the evening – more on this soon).. it is a bit the bohemian area of Milan. Continue reading