Beauty Boosting Supplements

wild nutrition skin nail hair supplement

My wedding is in exactly 2 months now so I decided to start a cure of vitamins for my skin, hair and nails as is often advised.

I decided to try Wild Nutrition, a brand I read a lot about recently – called them “supplements that are changing the face of vitamins”!

So what is special of Wild Nutrition’s supplements? Well the main and big thing about this brand is that they seem to have a much higher absorption rate than other ‘chemical’ or ‘synthetic’ supplements. Wild Nutrition has actually a very serious team of nutrition experts behind it and they developed supplements that do not only contain the particular vitamins we are after but also all the other enzymes and goodies which make your body absorb and metabolise these vitamins and ultimately make these vitamins work. Wild Nutrition also creates bespoke vitamins supplements targeted at key actions. Their Skin, Hair & Nails supplement incorporates all the essential ingredients for skin, hair and nails  (mainly Zinc, Copper and Iodine, Vitamin C and E).

A different and targeted approach to supplements. Results in one month!

£30 (60 capsules / 1 month supply), Food State Skin, Hair & Nails, Wild Nutrition

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